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(tennis) the final point needed to win a set in tennis

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Melzer saved two set points on his way to finally holding serve but Murray was 5-1 up and forced a decider with a thumping ace.
This characteristic is stored in a table; thus we can conclude that, for the inverse model based controller, selecting a new set point r(k) will impose finding in this table the corresponding command u(k) that determines a process output y(k) close to the reference value.
(4) For example, data from the large, FHI-led, prospective study of hormonal contraceptive use and HIV acquisition (see article, page 4) and a sub-study of 186 women with primary HIV infection found that hormonal contraceptive use at the time of HIV infection was not significantly associated with a higher HIV viral set point. This data was collected primarily from family planning clients in Uganda and Zimbabwe.
A PLC-based control system allows data to be downloaded to a remote PC for display and analysis, providing complete documentation of chamber access, measured conditions, and set points in each chamber.
Life events may cause temporary depression or euphoria, but one's mood then returns to its set point relatively quickly.
But scientific support for the set point theory is limited to old data derived from outdated methods of physiologic measurement.
The South African saved the set point to level at 6-6, then again at 7-6 down and once more at 8-7 - but not a fourth.
Rupture disks that break apart when the set point is reached are another option for emergency pressure relief.
Set point principles for the ends and horizontal/vertical grid principles
Six months or so after infection, HIV reproduction reaches a set point, which varies from patient to patient.
Of course it is possible to lose weight in a healthy way once you have accepted how you differ from some imaginary "ideal." But to do this you need to know how to burn calories; how to lower your "set point," or your genetically determined weight, through exercise; how to reduce your food intake without unleashing feelings of deprivation; and how to stick to a maintenance program.
In a study of 2,000 pairs of identical twins, two psychologists at the University of Minnesota have theorized that a "happiness set point" is determined genetically and randomly, without relation to education, income, professional achievement, or marital status.
The pair traded breaks in the first two games but Federer made amends by grabbing a second one to restore his advantage and clinch the first set on his second set point.
Santiago put Rebisco at set point, 24-23, but committed an error next and saw Mahsa Saberi scoring an ace for 25-24.