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an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up

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For, other than eulogizing the set phrase, the 'common man' in no way figures in the list of priorities of a politician; save, for garnering votes.
b) The adjective and the noun it pre-modifies are constituents of some set phrase or expression: e.
The author collects the biblical references (bracketed largely by Tyre and Sidon), and organizes these references accordingly: the separate mention of Tyre and Sidon in which one is more prominent than the other (Tyre in Ezekiel 26-28, Sidon in Kings), or their mention together as a set phrase "Tyre and Sidon" (by the Chronicler and Ezra).
a) the degree of probability of a multi-word-item is measured in relation with its degree of institutionalization (conventionalized multi-word item); b) the degree of fixedness of the set phrase is also measured in relation to its grammatical restrictions; c) finally, the degree to which the meaning of the set phrase can or cannot be derived from the meaning of its constituent parts is also measured (non-compositionality--meaning is not interpreted on a word-by-word basis) (Iglesias-Rabade 2001: 129-130).
As Picone reminds us, the question of what can be considered a compound word, as distinct from a set phrase, has never been satisfactorily resolved, and is in any case of no great theoretical or practical interest.
With his `many-coloured', in fact, Shakespeare may have again (as in the case of the `fulva harena') picked out a set phrase common to description of Iris in both Virgil (IV.
Indeed, there is a set phrase in Chinese referring to Li Po: "Winds of the immortals, bones of the Tao.