set aside

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Synonyms for set aside

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

make inoperative or stop


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-- Rs 39.986 billion set aside for Cabinet Division
Assuming that the retiree elects to set aside $250,000 for her estate, her monthly draw amount will drop from $8,282 to $7,247, rising by 2 percent a year.
The defendants are asking the court to set aside those orders granted, citing lack of service on them and lack of fair hearing.
Sh44.6 billion has been set aside for the agenda on providing universal healthcare coverage while Sh30.5 billion has been allocated for the provision of affordable and decent housing.
Rs 1775.2 million set aside for Industries and Production Division
That decision set out guiding principles and considerations, and a list of attributes for any mechanism that would be used to set aside funds for pipeline abandonment.
BNP Paribas (BNPP.PA) has announced that it has set aside more cash as provisions to deal with US sanctions.
THREE out of 10 adults in the North East have less than pounds 249 set aside as a financial safety net, according to new research.
A THIRD of parents have raided savings accounts they had set aside for their children, a survey suggested today.
Solicitation W9126GCTAO, covering work primarily for the Central Texas area office at Fort Hood, is set aside for service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.
The Court of Federal Claims ruled that a tax-exempt voluntary employees' beneficiary association (VEBA) recognized income subject to the unrelated business income tax (UBIT) because it exceeded the amount the VEBA could set aside to pay benefits.
When a mortgagee's innocent mistake caused foreclosed property to be sold at a grossly inadequate price, the foreclosure sale must be set aside to prevent injustice, according to the District Court of Appeal of Florida.
Under the proposal, farmers will not be obliged to set aside land from production in order to be entitled to the amount fixed by the set-aside entitlements.
The National Farmers' Union claims 'set aside' areas are redundant and could be used to create crucial revenue for arable farmers struggling to keep afloat following the recent floods.