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Synonyms for sestet

the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

six performers or singers who perform together

a set of six similar things considered as a unit

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a musical composition written for six performers

a rhythmic group of six lines of verse

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The sestet begins with a subordinate qualification ("Not that .
Wordsworth's sestet turns from the nation to the individual, Milton alone, even lonely, a solitary star:
The sestet was to apologize for the quatrains, which were written simply through a wish to do into verse his experience of the animal sensation" (Letters 5: 176).
It is in and dependent on the world described in the sestet but it is not of that world.
Sonnet XIV, for instance, purports to sermonize about the dangers of selfpromotion, but the baroque, sexually charged imagery with which the octet presents the problem of ambitious self-fashioning ("As if a Naiad, like a meddling elf, / Should darken her pure grot with muddy gloom") overshadows the prim lesson of the sestet.
The argument of the sestet, crudely put, seems to run like this: 'O sleep, [.
Leander struggles for Plato's hermaphroditic reunion with his lover Hero just as the octave and the sestet of the poem contrast and combine to form the hermaphroditic text.
Most recently Charles has published Sestets, followed by Outtakes, more poems in the same discipline.
Besides a pantoum, 16 of the book's 50 poems, including its opener, are 18-liners arranged in ABBACC heroic sestets.
The poem about love's transience is by Manley Hopkins (father to Gerard) signing as "Berni" and begins as an unbroken column of sestets on a recto page (Figure 3).
Thus, his seventh book of verse since 1974 features a sonnet whose title is the same as that of the collection, quatrains with alternating rhymes, couplets, triolets, a terza rima, plus sestets of various rhyme schemes and line lengths.
Conchs and Seashells," in its excellent sestets, charmingly imitates a lovely infant, intimating how the title word was created for the poet by an innocent.
Charles Wright's sestets are pensive meditations on the human predicament, cast in six brief lines.
12) Charles Wright, Sestets (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009), 24.
Wright's selection from his last five books, A Short History of the Shadow, Buffalo Yoga, Scar Tissue, Littlefoot, and Sestets, is entitled Bye-and-Bye: Selected Late Poems.