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permanently attached to a substrate


attached directly by the base

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Clinically, the lesion appears as nodular mass, which may be pedunculated or sessile, pink to red in color and surface is rarely ulcerated.
The surgical indications for smaller polyps were the presence of gallbladder stones, being symptomatic, suspicious sonographic findings such as vascularization pattern and sessile shape, rapid growth during follow-up, and personal request of the patient.
As reported by various authors, the average levels in oak-lactone and ellagitannins are respectively higher and lower in sessile oak than in pedunculate oak.
One hundred well-stained neutrophils were double-blindly studied in the tail-end of the smears and classified into four groups based on Kosenow's formula: Drumstick as Form A, sessile nodule as Form B, and different types of nuclear projections such as small club, hook, and tags as Form C.
sup][5],[6] Currently, serrated polyps are classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) into three distinct subtypes: Hyperplastic polyp (HP), sessile serrated adenoma/polyp (SSA/P) with or without cytological dysplasia, and traditional serrated adenoma (TSA), and each has specific features.
Sessile serrated adenomas/polyps have clinical and histologic features that differ from typical hyperplastic polyps.
5 cm, discolorous, chartaceous, obovate, apex rounded, margins entire, base attenuate, venation penninerved, adaxial surface with sessile glandular trichomes sparse on limbo and tector trichomes concentrated on the midrib, abaxial surface pubescent; tendrils simple.
Both native species are at risk - English oak and sessile oak, the national tree of Wales and Ireland.
Leaves ovate-elliptic, sessile or 1-3 mm petiole, glandular-hirsute, acute, 0.
The minimal inhibitory concentration for sessile cells (SMIC) was defined as the concentration of antifungal that caused a 50% (SMIC 50) and 80% (SMIC 80) reduction of treated biofilms.
These benign oral lesions are usually asymptomatic, sessile or pedunculated firm mass.
Part of a car park owned by the council near the Parc y Scarlets stadium was sold to Marston's brewery, which has since built a pub called the Sessile Oak on the site.
Depending upon the areas of osseous continuity between parent bone and osteochondroma, the lesions are classified into sessile and pedunculated types.
In nature, plants are sessile and constantly challenged with various biotic and abiotic stresses.
This study aimed to observe if the above-mentioned patterns were occurring for mobile and sessile species underneath and on top of boulders on rocky shores in Estonia.