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any of several small round bones formed in a tendon where it passes over a joint

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The McBride modification describes the removal of the lateral sesamoid and transfer of the adductor to the lateral aspect of the MT head.
From the 46 sesamoid bones assessed, their width was determined to be between 34.05 mm and 50.96 mm, with an average value of 42.39 mm.
The 7-2 second favourite for next month's Grade 1, has been ruled out for the season by Willie Mullins after suffering a chip to his sesamoid bone.
The fabella (Latin for "little bean") is a sesamoid bone that is visible at radiography in approximately 10-30% of the general population and is found bilaterally in most cases [1].
INTRODUCTION: From the eastern part of India, a plant called sesamum indicum which produces oval seeds, from which the term sesamoid is derived (1).
The os peroneum is a round or oval-shaped juxtaarticular sesamoid bone that lies within the confines of the peroneus longus tendon.
This article reviews the most common stress fractures in dancers (fibular, calcaneal, navicular, second metatarsal, fifth metatarsal, and sesamoid).
The winner of the Dubai World Cup was found to have suffered a fracture to the top of his right hind sesamoid, a bone in the ankle area that he had previously injured, following work prior to Saturday's Suburban Handicap.
"He had this puffiness around his joint and on the inside of his sesamoid. We had him scanned but nothing showed up and we've treated him with everything we know.
The star of Tom George's stable had been on the sidelines with a sesamoid problem since winning the Royal & Sun Alliance Novices' Hurdle at Cheltenham in March 2002.
Norton and Co.), the panda's so-called pseudo-thumb represents an outgrowth of the sesamoid, analogous to one of the bones below the fingers in our hands.
The Bulls say he suffered an acute injury to a sesamoid bone in his right foot in the previous game against Atlanta.
However, the fairytale has now run its course, with O'Brien confirming that Wings Of Eagles has suffered a fracture to his nearfore sesamoid joint.
Sesamoid cartilages and ossa sesamoidea are accessory bone structures related to some muscles.