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any of several small round bones formed in a tendon where it passes over a joint

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According to previous findings the tibia is separate so it is more similar to a sesamoid bone.
MNE Element Adults Children Perinates Cranium 4 2 2 Mandible 5 0 1 Vertebrae 54 2 1 Sacrum 1 0 0 Ribs 42 18 6 Sternum 0 0 0 Scapula 9 2 0 Clavicle 5 0 0 Humerus 9 4 0 Radius 10 4 0 Ulna 8 3 1 Carpal 6 1 0 Metacarpal 19 2 0 Hand 26 6 0 phalanges Os coxae 7 2 0 Femur 10 5 1 Patella 3 0 0 Tibia 9 2 0 Fibula 4 2 1 Tarsal 22 1 0 Metatarsal 26 0 1 Foot 9 0 0 phalanges Sesamoid * 1 0 0 Total 289 56 14 MNI PR Cutmarks Element Adults Children Perinates A + C A + C Cranium 4 2 2 75.
Fleksor kaslarin tendonlari sesamoid kemikleri icerir.
The World Championship bronze medallist had a problem with the sesamoid bones in her foot and was told not to run, a break she believes will pay dividends when Kluft arrives in Birmingham on February 16.
George Washington sustained an open fracture of both sesamoid bones to leave his proud trainer crestfallen.
Sesamoid bones are ovoid nodular bones, often small, found embedded within a tendon or joint capsule.
In addition, the status of certain specific landmarks such as the ulnar sesamoid or hamate bones can be used to obtain as estimate of the timing of the adolescent growth spurt.
The five-year-old was being prepared for the Suburban Handicap next weekend when a problem was detected and X-rays revealed Invasor suffered a fracture at the top of his right-hind sesamoid - a bone in the ankle area he had previously injured.
Duggan says the injuries he's treated include high-level sprains, bruises to ankle bones responsible for transferring weight from the leg to the foot, sesamoid fractures, neuromas and heel injuries.
It possesses a sesamoid mechanism and a set of intrinsic musculature that provide stability and strength.
When her sesamoid bone exploded, she guaranteed her demise by trying to forge on through the fracture.
Unusual Sunrise suffered a fractured sesamoid in his left front foreleg and was humanely destroyed.
First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Disorders Clinical Practice Guideline (including hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, and sesamoid disorders).
The star of Tom George's stable had been on the sidelines with a sesamoid problem since winning the Royal & Sun Alliance Novices' Hurdle at Cheltenham in March 2002.