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control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power

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Bobrow, "Experiments and simulations on the nonlinear control of a hydraulic servosystem," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol.
(3) Some applications are only limited to controlled object system of cascaded expression form; for example, the nonlinear ADRC has been successfully applied to the fast tool servosystem [14, 31].
The resulting position servosystem with linearized overall static characteristics has favorable results.
The first step in the Fluitronic path is interfacing - i.e., sensors/transducers to produce controller-compatible signals to either servosystem electronics, depending on which technology is to be used.
When sizing a servosystem, there are a number of factors engineers or specifiers should consider to make an application successful.
The schematic of the AC servosystem utilized in certain sorts of GCEs is presented in Figure 1.
This paper also deals with the results of application of acceleration loop to the servosystem of industrial robot APR--20.
In these cases, movement of all axes stops while the servosystem waits for the CNC to distribute the pulses for the next move.
Prices of power transistors and microprocessors have come down dramatically, to where the price of an AC servosystem is almost the same as that of a DC system.
A light source on the vehicle shines a beam onto the floor; light reflected from the guidepath stripe is picked up and fed to a servosystem that steers the vehicle and keeps it on track.