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control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power

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The load of weight 2,14 kg was put on the arm of length 0,23 m, which represents the load of the servosystem.
The servosystem must be able to move the load from zero to 2000 rpm in less than 1/4 sec.
The key feature of a robust servosystem solution is the control of a value that is closest to the source of parametric errors as well as the input of error quantities in the block diagram of a system.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Servosystem 68 And Servoway 68 At Beml, Kgf Complex
Prices of power transistors and microprocessors have come down dramatically, to where the price of an AC servosystem is almost the same as that of a DC system.
Tenders are invited for quotations in e-mode are invited for supply of servosystem 46 at beml, kgf complex
A light source on the vehicle shines a beam onto the floor; light reflected from the guidepath stripe is picked up and fed to a servosystem that steers the vehicle and keeps it on track.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Servosystem 68 (Hydraulic Oil) At Beml, Kgf Complex
Tenders are invited for Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil To Is:11656/1992 Accepted Rdso Approved Brands - 1 Servosystem Hlp - 68N Of Ioc 2 Enklo Hlp - 68 Of Hpc 3 Mak Hydrol Hlp - 68 Of Bpc 4 Gulf Harmony Awt-68 R 5 Protomac Hlp - 68 Of Bl Or Other Rdso Approved Brands Rdso Reserved Item
In Place Of Seal Compatibility Test And Min Pass Load Of 9Th Stage In Fzg Niemann Test -Make-Bl Protomac ,H-46, Bpc- Max Hydrol 46, Hpc- Enklo-46, Ioc- Servosystem 46
Talpa --30 Shell Or Servosystem 57 Of Ioc Or Servosystem 68 Of Ioc Suitable For Tm Type 4601 Az Provided On Main Line Emu.
Papers are organized into five chapters: oHydraulic, Mechanical, and Electromechanical Systems Components, Materials Processing,o oFlow Machinery and Engineering,o oHydraulic Systems, Servosystems and Transmission, Driving Systems,o oAdvanced Control Research and Application,o and oIndustry Application.
applies advanced methods of modeling and design to high-performance electromechanical systems such as electric drives and servosystems.