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Synonyms for servo

control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power

of or involving servomechanisms

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Mitsubishi Electric has launched its next generation of servo systems, offering safe, user-friendly and energy-efficient motion control.
"We are strong believers in developing 'technology with respect.' Some people really exaggerate, and put servos all over the place.
So during your 30-hr/42-day primary servo inspection, eyeball the servos for everything that sequence 6.5 of TM 1-1520-237-PMS-1 tells you to.
In the family lineage, William is recorded as William Servos as no middle name for William was known.
High-pitch ballscrews and high-torque servos combine for rapids of 1,200 ipm Y and Z and 900 ipm X.
ELAU, Schneider Electric's packaging automation specialist, has expanded its range of Intelligent Servo Modules.
Joseph Drilling, president of MPS North America Sales & Service, Milford, OH, says that top managers at converting companies are hearing the buzz about servos and are sending their operations people to him to examine MPS presses, which are manufactured in the Netherlands by Multi-Print Systems.
Hybrid presses, said to offer the best qualities of electric servos and hydraulics without their disadvantages, are also coming into their own.
One new model employs the latest linear servo technology in a cost-effective hybrid with standard servos on two of the three main axes.
And economical ERCEA models for 28 to 300 tons have AC vector drives, said to be nearly equal to servos in speed and precision but much lower in cost.
Although robot makers are still debating the pros and cons of linear servos, there seems to be general agreement that linears are capable of faster acceleration, higher overall speeds, and greater position accuracy and repeatability.
Nissei and at least one other electric-machine builder are investigating another kind of electric motor--the linear servo. Linear servos utilize a stationary coil and a movable magnet to convert electromagnetic forces directly into linear motion.
Star Seiki is not the first robot maker to utilize linear servos. At least two European suppliers are said to be doing so, and Mark 2 Automation in Germantown, Wis., came out with linear-servo robots last summer.