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Synonyms for servomechanism

control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power

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FGR burners need to be used in conjunction with electronic cam control of both the combustion air/fuel ratio via separate servomotors and a further separate servomotor to control the flow of the re-circulated flue gas.
In this study, the multidomain model of the punching press was composed of subsystems for the mechanism, servomotor, and stamping die.
servomotor model SRD 1000: rated power [P.sub.n] = 1000 W; rated voltage [U.sub.n] = 82 V D.C.; rated current [I.sub.n] = 15 A; rated rpm [n.sub.n] = 3000 rev/min.; rated torque m = 320 N x cm; [R.sub.a] = 0.5 [OMEGA] ; [L.sub.a] = 0.47; inertia moment [J.sub.1] = 1x10 3 kg[m.sup.2]; 2 - D.C.
To further improve weaving efficiency both edges on the side of the fabric are controlled by 2 servomotors each with programmable weave structure.
By removing the electrical components from the undercarriage, there is improved access to key machine components such as servomotors while also enhancing access to the electrical components.
The clamping unit, based on a five-point toggle-lever concept, is driven by a servomotor and has a patented closed-loop lubrication system.
The MRW-1150A incorporates a servomotor driven height adjustable central column (and main drive) raising or lowering in order to position the vial holders exactly at the correct (neck) height for the vial size in use.
The 1PH8 family of induction motor drives and servomotors are available in a wide power range, from 2.8 kW up to 1340 kW.
ROBA-topstop is a modular safety brake system for A-bearing-side servomotor attachment.
MICROMECH has introduced from Kollmorgen the AKM servomotor food grade version, for the food and drink industry.
A service is offered for the company's line of 1FK7 servomotors. Using a configurable options menu to build exactly the motor required, customers can now place an order for any 1FK7 servomotor and have it drop-shipped in three weeks.
The first major task is to find suitable servomotor systems and develop an integration concept of the motor into the design of the gearbox.
The system's close-loop DC servomotor is designed to provide fast acceleration and deceleration times.
At its Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, complex with the main servomotor facility, Mitsubishi has already boosted the capacity by converting a former aircraft parts plant.