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control system that converts a small mechanical motion into one requiring much greater power

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Two types of command tracking schemes are implemented: LQR PI control scheme based on reference model following to track the commands quite smoothly and the LQR PI servomechanism for rapid command tracking.
The servomechanism triggering the MEC1 may be further elucidated: It may be seen at work at the junction of top-down and bottom-up processes, where the promptings of human conscience (or in contemporary terms, the promptings of the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer) interacts with the human appeal to a higher order of processing so as to be empowered to do the right thing.
2] and adjusts the position of the air servomechanism to maximize efficiency gains (a CO/[O.
A hormonal servomechanism has been proposed to regulate differentiation and function of ovine uterine GE during pregnancy.
Bosses as much as subordinates are slaves to the larger servomechanisms of work, which are spectral and non-localizable.
This notion of relating to our media as servomechanisms raises the question of human agency.
The closed loop control system presented consists on a reference, a squirrel cage motor with permanent magnets and a servomechanism, its electronic interface and drive and a computer executing control algorithms on a periodical basis (constant PWD period), to update the values of the variables and the control signals.
Organization Man, as servomechanism, "[acts] routinely on the basis of simplified images of complex problems, oblivious to the results of [his] efforts except insofar as the simplifications themselves are implicated" (Coulam 17-8).
To control the pneumatic cylinders in the POGO and PAM, we model and cancel the nonlinear compressible air flow dynamics for each cylinder and servomechanism valve and use pressure sensors on both sides of the pistons for force feedback [37,39].
However, all these solutions rely on self-interest, and, as such, they reduce the individual to a utility-maximizing servomechanism devoid of all ethical scruples.
It did not have any aerodynamic-control surfaces, but a valve in one of four nozzles of the sustainer motor could be opened to provide directional control, so the servomechanism was a very simple "on-off" type.
Several methods for tuning servomechanism PID controllers are presented.
In their IWS, the tasks for the control of the inspection process are decomposed, from the top, as manufacturing cell, workstation, equipment task, elemental move, primitive move, and servomechanism.
This example comes from a control problem for a J-100 jet engine as a special case of a multivariable servomechanism problem.