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Synonyms for servitude

Synonyms for servitude

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state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment

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The degradation of servitude, the absolutist lies must be uprooted and swept out.
He held me to certain months of servitude, which were his lawful term of notice.
Good Luke felt, after the manner of contented hard-working men whose lives have been spent in servitude, that sense of natural fitness in rank which made his master's downfall a tragedy to him.
Then followed four years of penal servitude, spent in the company of common criminals in Siberia, where he began the "Dead House," and some years of service in a disciplinary battalion.
26, 1869, Congress sent to the states a proposed constitutional change outlawing race, color, or previous condition of servitude as grounds for denying suffrage.
Jones--who were born and raised in rural servitude in North Carolina.
Where once the young narrator's luminous brown eyes were cast down in meek servitude even behind her veil, they now greedily devour the printed word.
That way, rather than driving indigenous farmers from the land and into industrial wage servitude, our hypothetical fair trade treaty could encourage farmers to remain in their communities while the health, sanitation, and educational advancements taken for granted in the developed world were delivered to them.
The ambivalent history of children's rights in the United States is reviewed with special attention to the unique situation of child slavery and other legal forms of child servitude for the first two hundred years.
Efforts by Nepali and Indian activists from the Nepal Child Welfare Foundation and the South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude led to the April 2004 rescue of twenty-nine children, mostly girls, from the Great Indian Circus at Palakkad in Kerala, southern India.
What is the use of feeling the servitude (servitude) of courts if we drag some of it right home to our lair?
Addressing inequality, servitude and male domination
Born to a learned, land-owning family, Jacob and his two brothers, Zeb and Izzy, are committed to servitude upon the death of their debt-ridden father.
The apprentices will become freemen of the city having proved servitude to Coventry after taking part in at least five years of training at firms within a four-and-a-half mile radius of St Mary's Hall.
Constitution prohibits involuntary servitude, an employee can terminate employment with a corporation at will.