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a girl who is a servant


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However, when the young woman--who is not a serving girl but the mistress of the inn--refuses the tip she refuses the subservient role as well.
95, published by Abrams07 ACCORDING to Casanova's memoirs he decided at 17 to marry the serving girl Lucia but she mysteriously disappeared.
THE story is a four-part story about a dear serving girl, a rat and a mouse all in one book.
And you'll meet Miggery Sow, a serving girl, described as not the sharpest knife in the drawer, whose very own father sold her for a chicken and a red tablecloth.
Alving's serving girl and her supposed father are played by African-American actors.
Known largely for the Act I barcarole for Lakme and her serving girl, which famously became the television calling-card for British Airways some years ago, and the flamboyant coloratura of the Act II Bell Song, the opera is rarely revived these days.
Sexy Roberta, 21, was dismissed by the Army after she became the first serving girl soldier to strip off in a national newspaper.
I liked the story of the eighty-year-old Lord Palmerston fathering a child by a serving girl and Disraeli saying that if the news of this got about at election time, he would sweep the country.
Its based on Emil Zola's "Therese Raquin," about a serving girl who plots with a lover to murder her husband.
At the age of 16, the historical Grace, a Toronto serving girl, was convicted in 1843 as an accessory to the murder of her master, Thomas Kinnear.
A serving girl risks her life to save him and brings him up as her own child.
In addition to Roscuro and Despereaux, there's a third story line involving a serving girl (Tracey Ullman) who believes she's really a princess.
Based on the real account of a serving girl executed for a similar crime, Rossini rescues his heroine and his story from real tragedy but the ending of this production sees a traumatised Ninetta unable to relate to her erstwhile accusers, who include her supposed beloved.