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Her observations reminded one of the remarks of Leila Ahmad that "to believe that segregated societies are by definition more oppressive to women, or that women secluded from the company of men are women deprived, is only to allow ourselves to be servilely obedient to the constructs of men, Western or Middle Eastern"127 As to the polygamy, Mrs.
Twenty years earlier, recounting his own fashion career in the first of three autobiographical works, En habillant l'epoque (1930)--published in English as King of Fashion or My First Fifty Years--the fervently anti-US-American Paul Poiret described US-Americans thus: "An American has to see an article manufactured, completed, solid in front of him, so that he can copy it servilely.
The power to act under our system of government means the power of an independent court to exercise its judicial discretion, not to servilely wait on the pleasure of the executive.
Instead, Eliot claims to be able only "to creep servilely after nature" (177), depicting a flawed cleric, a human one.
We must not servilely accept gratuities for doing our duty.
But they have an angry confrontation, with Hafid accusing his father of servilely accepting the established order whereas Hafid has to courage to challenge it.
We became a target as soon as we servilely supported and followed the United States into an illegal, immoral and hypocritical war against Iraq.
I must in the first place observe, that our Countrymen have so good an Opinion of the Ancients, and think so modestly of themselves, that the generality of Pastoral Writers have either stoln all from the Greeks and Romans, or so servilely imitated their Manners and Customs, as makes them very ridiculous.
Alfredo Urdaci was the geeky, servilely pro-Aznar director-newscaster of RTVE's primetime news.
22), and "many studies, however, relating to Semitic languages refrain from original linguistic thought, either reposing on achievements of the past, or--which is by no means better--embracing servilely whatever theory is in vogue" (p.
As a stunted North-of-England plebeian, I found myself ducking servilely between their legs like Gulliver in Brodingnag.