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Synonyms for servile

Synonyms for servile

excessively eager to serve or obey

Antonyms for servile

submissive or fawning in attitude or behavior

relating to or involving slaves or appropriate for slaves or servants

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Jav had fallen to the floor, and was wriggling his body in the same servile manner that he had adopted toward Tario.
Whereas Porthos would have every class keep its place, and though fond of going down into the kitchen, always barks at the top of the stairs for a servile invitation before he graciously descends.
Bashti, who had lived so long that he was a philosopher who minded pain little and the loss of a finger less, chuckled and chirped his satisfaction and pride of achievement in the outcome, while his three old wives, who lived only at the nod of his head, fawned under him on the floor in the abjectness of servile congratulation and worship.
With what ease, Endued with regal virtues as thou art, Appearing, and beginning noble deeds, Might'st thou expel this monster from his throne, Now made a sty, and, in his place ascending, A victor-people free from servile yoke
Servile and fawning as he had been before, he was now as domineering and bellicose.
Whether they be servile before Gods and divine spurnings, or before men and stupid human opinions: at ALL kinds of slaves doth it spit, this blessed selfishness!
The spurious wise, however, all the priests, the world-weary, and those whose souls are of feminine and servile nature--oh, how hath their game all along abused selfishness!
His face, with the heavy jaw and small eyes, was the face of the typical fighting man, yet his features seemed to have become disposed by habit into an expression of gentle, almost servile civility.
He was not given to exacting overtime, this direttore, whose only fault was his servile subjection to our common boss.
He was safe; and on all sides of his dwelling servile fears and servile hopes slept, dreaming of success, behind the severe discretion of doors as impenetrable to the truth within as the granite of tombstones.
The people are servile and downtrodden, under the heel Of the crown, they ask God to save the Queen, they sing Her praises with their heads bowed down.
He convinces us that one servile Albanian party will make one mega servile politics, which will threaten the Albanians with the compromising materials.
My enthusiastic response was to the chapter "Aunt(y) Jemima in Toronto Spiritual Baptist Experiences: Spiritual Mother or Servile Woman?
The index said results include "slavery, forced labour, human trafficking, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage", along with sexual exploitation
The state is more and more looked like nuisance that only requires the obligations to be fulfilled, one to be servile and punished for banal things while the citizen does not feel any benefit from his/her servility and faces an expensive and inefficient state administration, Zivanovski comments.