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A police spokeswoman said the letter had been sent from a servicewoman in Basra to a family member in the Dersingham area and sand had found its way inside the envelope.
She was the second British servicewoman to die in action in Iraq since 2003.
A MERSEYSIDE family was last night grieving the death of the first British servicewoman to die in Iraq, describing her as a "most wonderful person".
An apparent rocket strike on a helicopter in Iraq claimed the life of the first British servicewoman killed in action for 22 years, it emerged last night.
The husband of the first British servicewoman to die in action in Iraq paid tribute to his "best friend and most beloved wife".
A SOLDIER has been arrested for allegedly raping a servicewoman at the notorious Deepcut Army barracks.
Her exploits made her Australia's most decorated servicewoman, and one of the most decorated Allied servicewomen of the Second World War.
After the honoring, a letter of recognition notifying the serviceman or servicewoman of the tribute and an autographed piece of Pistons memorabilia will be sent to them.
If perchance any, I repeat any, serviceman or servicewoman were caught in such a tangled web as is being shown us, just how long do you think they would remain in the service of their country?
Such restrictions have included: prohibitions on the testing, development, and approval, of drugs like RU486, which provide safe, early abortions; attempts to ban coverage for prescription contraception in health care plans; and a prohibition on abortions at overseas military hospitals, even when the American servicewoman uses her own money to pay for the procedure.
And last night heartbroken Carl Bryant, 26, fought back tears as he paid a heart-rending tribute to his wife Sarah after she became the first British servicewoman to die in Afghanistan.
The first British servicewoman to die in action since 1984, Flight Lieutenant Sarah-Jayne Mulvihill, below right, was 32.
A spokeswoman for the MoD said that if the helicopter had been brought down by an attack, it was thought to be the first time a servicewoman had been killed by enemy action since the 1980s.
One servicewoman has died during Operation Telic in Iraq, but it is not thought to have been related to the hostilities.
Her activities made her the Allies' most decorated servicewoman of the war.
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