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The Army spends for equipment, military research and technologies EUR 4 940 per year per serviceman while this amount in Austria is EUR 34 435, placing the armed forces far behind other NATO members and creating obstacles for their compliance with the Alliance.
Under no circumstances should a serviceman deface or otherwise dishonor the Qur'an as such an act may generate strategic repercussions.
He is the 136th British serviceman to die in Afghanistan since 2001.
parked rickettsiosis in a US serviceman in eastern Virginia.
serviceman in Hiroshima's commercial district last October because he was annoyed at being stared at by the serviceman.
Six Pakistan Air Force (PAF) men were killed Wednesday in indiscriminate firing by a serviceman at the Sargodha Airbase in Punjab, about 225 kilometers south of Islamabad, a PAF spokesman said.
Career serviceman. Former Armoured Corps Officer and currently the National Secretary of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires and National Vice-Chairman of the Conference of Defence Associations of Canada.
serviceman as saying while NTT DoCoMo is seeking either cash or automatic payment from bank accounts, very few Americans have personal bank accounts in Japan.
Embassy in Kuwait City reported that an American serviceman had died from injuries he suffered during military exercises in the Kuwaiti desert.
Black veterans, after all, would still have to secure skilled jobs once they completed the training, and, given the South's penchant for keeping blacks "in their place," on-the-job training seemed like a wasted effort to many prospective instructors.(35) Several black employers were also unwilling to train African American veterans because they feared that once a veteran had finished training, the former serviceman might open a shop or store that would cut into their profits.(36)
Military physicians found that by inserting an encapsulated source of radium deep into the nostrils of each affected serviceman for several minutes, they could reduce symptoms -- and sometimes eliminate them -- in roughly 90 percent of those treated.
A military unit was attacked in Turkey's southeastern Hakkari province on the border with Iraq, as a result of which one serviceman was killed and five servicemen were wounded, the Turkish media reported on February1.
As a result of shelling, one serviceman was killed and another one was badly wounded," the ministry said.