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Synonyms for serviceableness

the quality of being able to provide good service

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But Schools, wherein the Youth may by able Masters be Taught the Things that are necessary to qualify them for future Serviceableness.
Thus, any one person's use of a particular kind of computer hardware enhances the usefulness of that same hardware to other users indirectly by creating a larger market for compatible software; whereas any one person's acquisition of a fax machine directly enhances the serviceableness of other persons' fax machines (by allowing them to trade faxes with one more person).
of the sentence puts Lemulquinier's serviceableness and his tender affection in the place of the easy error, and Lemulquinier's maternal care in the place of the correct interpretation of his physiognomy.
This allows us to understand causal relations between elements of the natural world and their potential serviceableness to our satisfaction.
Economic goods which in themselves are fitted to satisfy human wants directly and whose serviceableness does not depend on the cooperation of other economic goods, are called consumers' goods or goods of the first order.