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the quality of being able to provide good service

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The banking royal commission is also targeting bank lending practices to mortgage borrowers for 'bypassing of serviceability controls' that could lead to inappropriate loans.
Some of the key areas of enhancement include decreased overall weight, increased volume capacity, improved serviceability and upgraded safety features.
Despite the significance of website serviceability for an OTA, the focus in previous research has been predominantly on examining the functionality of these websites.
The un- serviceability of aircraft means that the number of flying hours have been much lower than its potential.
As far as serviceability, you can handle most of what needs to be done via injector cleaners and stabilizers in the fuel.
ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) and its Subcommittee on Whole Buildings and Facilities present a compendium of standards for the description, measurement, prediction, improvement, and management of the overall performance and serviceability of buildings and building-related facilities.
These include management information: for example, comparison charts (which compare AGL serviceability between two specific photometric tests or over a long historical period of time) and detailed information such as iso-candela pictures for each fixture, which can allow maintenance personnel to identify what rectification work is required.
When doubt exists about the serviceability of these items, they should be disposed of.
The printers offer a range of options and have been engineered for improved print quality, ease of operation and serviceability.
Total end-use requirements, such as serviceability, receive much more attention as a result of the transformation.
The SOC 422 also provides advanced diagnostics, performance monitoring and fault isolation to ensure maximum system availability and serviceability.
has been redesigned to improve dry-cycle time, serviceability, and machine performance.
Based on the industry's most successful semiconductor processing system, the Endura2 platform has 20 percent fewer parts and sets a new standard for clean design that emphasizes reliability, serviceability and overall equipment efficiency for 300mm high-volume manufacturing.