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the quality of being able to provide good service

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The MALMS Mobile database is designed to enable the maintenance manager to maintain the AGL system to ICAO serviceability requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.
SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco International company, today introduces the Simplex 4100ES (eServices) Fire Alarm System - a next-generation, Internet-ready life-safety platform featuring advanced technology that can improve serviceability and operational efficiency while reducing costs over the life of the system.
Our services identifies ways to improve serviceability, reduce maintenance, lower installation costs, simplify manufacturing and provides overall reductions in total system costs.
Focusing on the designer, the authors describe the analysis, design, durability and serviceability of FRP in concrete construction, starting with the characteristics of the constituent materials, including concrete, steel, polymers and fibers.
Then you need to check out Supply Bulletin 3-30-2, Chemical-Biological Canisters and Filter Elements: Serviceability Lists.
Replacing shared bandwidth infrastructures with switched infrastructures provides the benefits of reliability, availability, serviceability and performance while scaling.
According to AccuRate, both flexibility and serviceability have also been enhanced by the release of these standard models because the designs share load cells, hoppers, vents, inlets, and other parts with the company's well-known Mechatron feeder line.
The new electronics and mechanical engineering of the PowerEdge 6600 combine to deliver higher levels availability, scalability, performance and serviceability features than previously available in the 4-way server market
standard; continuous recirculation; five minute calibration; operator adjustments that can be performed while standing; auto refill or gravity feed material supply systems; manual or automatic ratio and flow monitoring; easy portability on swivel casters; available in heated or unheated versions; and easy serviceability.
The new NEBS-certified Netra ct 400 and 800 cPCI systems are designed for quick deployment and serviceability required by carriers and NEPs building IP-based next-generation communications infrastructure.
Ideal for applications ranging from Web hosting to High Performance Computing, financial services, oil and gas and entertainment, Rackable Systems' unique designs feature easier serviceability, maximum density and greater thermal efficiency to reduce overall operational expenditures.
kdump and SystemTap Enhancements to Increase Serviceability in Production Systems
To protect the data plate information, use the attached DD Form 1574 serviceability tag to cover the data plate.
Mark Ferelli: Speaking of systems, James, how do you at HP look at switched architectures for reliability, availability, and serviceability issues?