service tree

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medium-sized European tree resembling the rowan but bearing edible fruit

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Just outside the town is Tyddesley Wood , which is 185 acres of ancient woodland and home to Herb Paris, Small Leaved Lime and the Wild Service Tree.
The contract is the execution of the service tree felling threatening growing in a lane roads divided into the following parts
Hiring a licensed bonded, and insured professional service tree service is an absolute necessity.
It is the intent of the City to retain a full service tree removal firm to provide various related services on a continuing basis as needed.
Contract awarded for service tree pruning araucaria.
An avenue of 50 wild service trees will provide an annual flash of red before Remembrance.
ONCE again I find myself writing on the subject of arboreal destruction, but the Highfield House cedar and the Hall Green Parade service trees pale into insignificance beside the carnage I witnessed in Shirley Park.