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the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court


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Testing has also shown that service line replacement is an important component to the future long-term integrity of the Flint water system.
When EFVs are discussed at APGA committee meetings, many members speak positively, reporting that EFVs reliably close when a service line is severed and that unwanted closures are rare.
What, then, is the role and obligation of senior system leadership in defining strategy and vision and orchestrating service line activities?
In January 2013, AWR launched the Service Line Protection Program to help shield NYC homeowners from potentially high repair costs to failed service lines, which are the responsibility of the property owner.
This is analogous to the case of hospital cost-shifting, wherein hospitals cross-subsidize quality covered by less generous payers by charging higher prices to more generous payers (Dranove 1988); here, however, the cross-subsidization is from one service line to another.
For more information about CV service lines and to download the white paper, visit http://bit.
There is no doubt that partial lead service line replacements can result in significantly elevated levels of lead in tap water and that this contamination can continue for weeks and months, particularly in situations where [drinking water] corrosion control is not optimized," says EPA chemist Michael Schock.
Staff assignments, by service line process and function
No serves are allowed, and each point starts with either player hitting a medium-speed ball up the middle and about 10 feet past the service line.
The US data storage management services provider StorageNetworks Inc has launched a new service line called STORfusion.
Worldwide Computer Products News-15 May 2001-StorageNetworks unveils storage service line (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Service line management is collaborative, multidisciplinary, and always customer focused, and it attempts to group related services to satisfy the customer.
Minneapolis, and many other cities throughout the country, do not own the service line.
Conner today announced the launch of the water and sewer service line protection programs for residential properties throughout the five boroughs.
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