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the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court


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'More than not committing an error, I wanted to get points from the service line because the training we do with coach Tai (Bundit) we always practice the important skill that is service,' said Valdez.
All seven of Keywords' service lines grew in the period with LFL revenue growth rates ranging from 5% to 33%.
The form of the letters "is the same or similar to those used in cities throughout the country," said Myles Meehan, senior vice president for HomeServe USA, parent company of Service Line Warranties of America.
For more on lead service line replacement, visit the Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative at
PUCO staff concluded that Columbia Gas did not follow its operating procedures when abandoning the service line in 2012 and failed to disconnect it properly from the main line.
Germain Speth, a spokeswoman for the Milwaukee Department of Public Works, said the new Water Works employees will be expected to replace 325 public lead service lines next year.
Over 76,000 repairs have been completed through the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, saving residents millions in costly service line repairs.
The MP also discussed alternative solutions to secure water for citizens until the damaged service line is fixed, in a meeting with the Sidon Mayor Mohammad Saudi and Waseem Daher, chairman of the South Lebanon Water Authority's board of directors.
The agreement covers twelve service lines within the hospital including: VIP services, maintenance planning and implementation, infection control, cleaning technology & QA, portering and helpdesk.
Douglas-Westwood's World Offshore Maintenance, Modifications & Operations Market Forecast 2017-2021 presents a 'bottom-up' (platform-by-platform) analysis of the sector with extensive industry interviews to give a granular and realistic evaluation of current and expected activity in the sector and analyses the demand for offshore maintenance related work across four main service lines, split into niche sub-service lines in ten regions worldwide.
EFVs are simple devices installed in gas-service lines at the connection to the main that remain open under normal flows but close if a surge in flow exceeds the EFV's trip point, such as might occur if the service line is severed by excavation equipment.
"We're looking at where their service line mix is, what the street is actually advising them from an evaluation perspective, and where their organization stands, because they have their quarterly calls and they have their earnings," he continued.
To that end, the high-performing service line will build specialty market share of high-tech, high-margin services.
Field crews with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) responded to more than 3,000 leaks and related service line failure complaints citywide in 2012, of which an overwhelming 77 percent were determined to be private residential dwelling service line problems.
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