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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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Customer involvement and service firm internationalization performance: An integrative framework.
A service firm is considered capital intensive if it requires heavy capital investment in buying assets relative to the level of sales or profits that those assets can generate.
These recruiting or staffing service firms proactively search the market for a suitable candidate for a specific job.
Another security service contract states that the service firm "represents and warrants that it has at present in force comprehensive public liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance to the extent required by the appropriate statutes." Not only is this vague, but it lacks specificity as to limits and there is no requirement to include the client as an additional insured.
In the process they've lost day-to-day control over a department to a professional service firm and often gained new problems.
If the image of the service firm is positive from the customer's point of view, he can sometimes forgive the service provider for delivering poor quality.
Many important decisions within a service firm are made in a vacuum: Which services to promote and which to cut back?
"In 1999 service firms were taking their first steps to meet this market need.
"Leveraging the similarities in the need for consulting, implementation, and operation services in the Internet service and CRM markets, Internet service firms are developing strategic initiatives to offer their clients CRM solutions," says Pooneh Fooladi, research analyst with IDC's Internet Services program.
No where was this increase in transaction size more evident than in Greenwich, which has proven oblivious to the general economic situation due to its address cachet and appeal to financial service firms and hedge funds.
Malkin urges that, whenever possible, an owner refuse to provide exculpation to partners in a professional service firm. An exculpation clause says, in effect, that even if an individual has substantial assets, the owner agrees that it will look only to the assets of the partnership.
Chubb Launches Combined Product for Professional Service Firms
Chubb launched specialized coverage designed to address unique exposures that impact professional service firms in the United States.
"SobelCo was founded in 1956 with a vision for seamlessly blending the business acumen and sophisticated technical expertise that are common attributes of larger professional service firms with the personal touch that is the hallmark of mid-size firms," Alan Sobel, managing member, said in a statement.
Each have a history of leading financial service firms and have combined their teams and talents to create a powerhouse of a comprehensive financial services organization.
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