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a percentage of a bill (as at a hotel or restaurant) added in payment for service

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The parents of students said that owners of pick and drop service received from them monthly pick and drop service fee in advance for two months against summer vacations and now they have started demanding pick and drop service fee for 15 days for which the school remained closed in the month of August during summer vacation.
Emaar's new rule means tenants living in houses where their owners have defaulted service fee payments will face the penalty as well.
On the basis that the service fee calculations have been approved by RERA, the OA Circular states that an OA has a right to collect service fees.
Marwan Bin Galitah, CEO of Rera, said: "The service index will define fair service fees and will analyse not only cost but also quality, providing a sliding scale for basic to premium service.
The CAG has concluded that the order of the ministry permitting DIAL to finance this equipment from the passenger service fee " resulted in granting financial benefit of ` 239.
An insurance broker may even charge a service fee that is a percentage of the premium so long as a Section 2119 Agreement sets forth the percentage, the amount of the premium, and explains whether changes in coverage, cancellation of the policy or audits will result in changes in the fee.
Service fee accrued and payable from the start of first commercial production.
Bank Windhoek's SeniorSave product for clients above 55 years still offers free ATM withdrawals at Bank Windhoek ATMs, free Point-of-Sale transactions and a minimum service fee of only N$2 (including VAT).
The minimum service fee is established by the GSEs and Ginnie Mae, and acts as an incentive for responsible servicing.
BUMED processes nearly 60,000 paper invoices every year, so if all invoices were submitted in paper and with an average of three CLINs (contract line item numbers) per invoice, the service fee cost to the Navy would be about $3.
Midwest Express Airlines has altered its service fee structure.
It is not delivered by the management of the community directly as a component of the community service package included in the monthly service fee.
THE NATIONAL Irrigation Administration (NIA) is exploring the possibility of abolishing the irrigation service fee that farmers pay.
But the main reason why I delayed paying my service and chiller-fees is because I have been asking Nakheel for a complete break-down of the service fee costs.
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