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an entrance intended for the use of servants or for delivery of goods and removal of refuse

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The transfer switches can also be supplied in various configurations, manual, open, delayed, closed, and soft loading (active synchronization) transition, service Entrance Manual Transfer Switch in NEMA 3R with Cam-Lok Connectors for roll-up generator stand-by applications and can be integrated (in-house) with metering and distribution switchboard sections, providing a compact space savings arrangement, minimising contractor installation time and expense.
Industrial customers enjoy extended hours and are provided with a back door lock code to drop off large motors and pumps directly via the service entrance.
They are intended for installation at the service entrance and/or distribution panels for full facility transient voltage surge protection.
Each feature is designed for the electrician to easily install the service entrance system without jobsite cutting, bending or foundation trim/shovel work.
Walking up Pudding Chare in Newcastle after 11pm on Monday, I saw a sleeping bag lying across the doorway of a service entrance to the apartment building that stands opposite The Journal's offices.
In addition, there is a total of 4,440 square foot of canopies around the building, including 1,240 square feet in front with recessed lights that acts as an outside but covered showroom and a 625 square foot canopy at the service entrance.
Cauldwell applies his "above code" ethic in this well-illustrated guide that covers the basics of electricity and tools of the trade, to the electrical system from the service entrance to surge protection and standby generators.
The Mie prefectural police said the two men snatched two bags stuffed with cash when the guard was unloading them from the vehicle at a service entrance of the JA office building in the central Japan city.
The VAL-SQ SE Series provides maximum surge protection for service entrance and remote locations in industrial, medical and commercial applications.
Whichever method you choose, be sure to include a service entrance ell, which has a removable cover to give you access to the inside wires, above ground level.
The headwaiter, recognizing that they were not steady customers, stuck them at a small side table near a noisy service entrance.
The powerful PQ Log software supplied with the unit quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, a substation or at the load according to EN50160 standards.
City's Joey Barton was forced to enter the stadium through a service entrance to keep him away from fans, angered by his refusal to accept a pounds 28,000-a-week contract offer.
With a high-accuracy revenue meter located at the utility service entrance, an EEM system can "shadow bill" overall energy consumption.
Sunday-Monday, August 28-29: Croxteth Hall Garden Society, 25th flower show, Croxteth Hall (use service entrance off Croxteth Hall Lane), Sun 1-5pm, Mon 11am-4.
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