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an elevator designed for carrying freight

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Thirty-two passengers were packed in the service elevator that descended from the 52nd floor of Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom) Tower on Ayala Avenue, Barangay Bel-Air, in Makati City.
He said that the elevator was a "service elevator", and should not have been used without an operator, saying the passengers just kept on pressing its buttons that could have been the cause of the malfunction.
The building service/fireman's elevator will have a capacity of 5500kg and will be the world's tallest service elevator.
Tragedy struck when a service elevator struck some building materials, which caused pillars to fall on workers below, police officers said.
So if the wind picks up beyond 20 knots then we will block the entrances and escort people down through emergency exits and through a service elevator.
After climbing 2,040 steps of the 68 floors of Rose Rayhaan by Rotana on Monday, Krystian told Khaleej Times in an interview that he wants to come back next year to conquer the tower holding eight records: the tallest building in the world, highest number of stories in the world, highest occupied floors in the world, highest outdoor observation deck in the world, elevator with the longest travel distance in the world and tallest service elevator in the world.
Finnish elevators and escalators maker KONE Corporation (OMX Helsinki:KNEBV) said on Friday (1 Agust) that it has acquired the International Elevator Company (IEC), a full service elevator company based in New Jersey, USA.
The former Spice Girl was on her way to a book signing when the service elevator at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex broke down.
You're led through an old boiler room to the doors of the decrepit service elevator - but you will never reach your room.
But it turns out that the white cube is not so cubic, at least if one takes into consideration, as Balthaus did, the path from the loading dock, via the service elevator, to the basement depot and then to the exhibition space.
Striding confidently, the man ducks into the building's service elevator. After punching in a secret code--learned from covert surveillance--he easily slips inside the thick metal doors and zooms upward.
When she did manage to get a room, she was often ordered to use the service elevator. And it was not until late in her career--in 1955 when she was 52 years old-that she finally was invited by the Metropolitan Opera to sing the relatively minor role of the sorceress Ulrica in Verdi's the Masked Ball.
Fourteen persons were slightly injured after a service elevator malfunctioned in an office building along Ayala Avenue, in Makati City Thursday evening.
Elevators in the east bank are operating, but Byrn said said the service elevator on the east bank will be available only for construction crews and prisoner transfer.
Going down from the laundry in the service elevator to the lobby lounge and from there to the basement, the visitor who wants to uncover the secrets of the past will run into two types of guests: 1) the lady or gentleman who needs a haircut or manicure; and 2) the student of history (perhaps a Filipino or American war veteran, or a balikbayan on a sentimental tour) who wants to brush up on the history of the city and the hotel.
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