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an entrance intended for the use of servants or for delivery of goods and removal of refuse

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The change-out of primary components for the Orange rotor through the service door has been improved greatly.
Sweeping service, collection and transportation of municipal solid waste - collection, transport and disposal of waste with differentiated service door to door - City of Tropea.
The contract has as its object the maintenance full service and full service on extra chassis Mercedes Econic used by Publiambiente for the waste collection service door to door for a period of 3 years with an option for two additional years.
31/2014 - collection service door to door urban waste and assimilated in the towns of castelfiorentino (fi), certaldo (fi), gambassi terme (fi), montaione (fi) for a period of 12 months with possible extension option for a further 12 months - igc: 6007036aea.
Contract notice: Management sections of the nursery, space-game, the game room and communal service door "and young family.
Custody of the collection service door to door transport, transfer and disposal of municipal waste and assimilated, street sweeping and complementary services to the exclusion of the costs of landfill - CIG 569051270D.
Contract award: collection service door to door dry residue, plastic and tins / glass, plastic and tins, paper and cardboard selective collection in the municipalities of the province of parma.
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