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the act of reducing service

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The Northwestern Ontario Municipal | Association (NOMA) has been lobbying to provincial transportation minister Steven Del Duca about bus service cutbacks and its impact on Northerners forced to travel to larger centres for medical appointments or to regional social service agencies.
In times of austerity and massive service cutbacks, we are still paying out net invoices of PS126 million a year to Service Birmingham and half of that goes direct to Capita PLC and 28 of its associated companies.
Faced with rising expenses that continue to outpace stagnant revenues, the city has eliminated scores of positions and cut back services, and may have to make another round of service cutbacks next fiscal year.
The Justice Department and several US states sued last month to block the merger of American parent AMR and US Airways, saying it would hurt consumers by raising airfares and leading to service cutbacks.
According to Evans, dwindling fiscal resources result in service cutbacks and significant reductions in essential workforce numbers.
Senate pushes for additional mental health funding (Austin American-Statesman): "Senate budget writers are pushing to boost spending for mental health programs by more than $200 million, restoring care for thousands of Texans who saw service cutbacks during the past decade and easing the strain on prisons and jails that deal with the ensuing flow of mentally ill inmates.
This view came after rival property group Australand gave a depressing assessment of Queensland in the result of floods and public service cutbacks.
Rural Wales has been one of the worst affected with many living in these parts blaming rising fuel costs, local transport service cutbacks, and closure of local arts facilities.
The team's current base at Marsden fire station is earmarked to shut as part of West Yorkshire Fire Service cutbacks.
influences correctional authorities and practitioners in how they can most effectively and economically deliver correctional services that promote public safety" According to Evans, dwindling fiscal resources result in service cutbacks and significant reductions in essential workforce numbers.
Some said their lives would be disrupted by service cutbacks.
Government service cutbacks, a fraying safety net and employers' slow but steady moves to cut benefit costs should bring enormous service opportunities to the private sector, including insurers.
HOSPITAL workers man the picket line yesterday during a one-day strike against health service cutbacks.
Concerns have been voiced recently about bus service cutbacks and timetable changes, especially at the weekend and in the evenings.
Union members warned the recession and fears over job security amid huge public service cutbacks were to blame.
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