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a cap with a flat circular top and a visor

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Our second research question examines the impact of the BNHI service cap policy on SCC and SCF volumes.
The jury, in returning a verdict of death from sunstroke, added a rider condemning the use of the field service cap as being no protection from the sun.
He was wearing gumboots with white woollen stockings rolled over the tops, a polo-necked jersey, his battledress unbuttoned and a peaked service cap.
The men's service cap left by 1978, along with the 1962 women's service hat and the 1972 black beret.
This is our day,'' said World War II Navy Seabee veteran Joseph Hutt, 77, of North Hills, sporting a service cap from Panorama City American Legion Post 817.
Motor industry intelligence service CAP says most new cars shed 60 per cent of their value in three years and advises used-car buyers to concentrate on condition, build quality, reliability and image when judging vehicles.
Contract awarded for Service Cap Creative Entrepreneurship
When they are out in public together, the members of the Chosin Few - a fraternity of honor for the men who fought at Chosin Reservoir - proudly wear a crisp white shirt, red tie, and blue blazer and service cap with their medals on them.
The current offering of site development GO bonds, the second of a $150 million voter authorization, is not subject to the debt service cap.
The current offering of third-frontier GO bonds is voter authorized and not subject to the debt service cap.
The current offering of third frontier GO bonds is voter-authorized and not subject to the debt service cap.
Pledged revenues, based on the District's revised deed tax revenue projections and assuming additional debt issuance up to the $12 million statutory annual debt service cap before the completion of FY 2010, are expected to cover debt service by over 5.
Contract award: 2014 acquisition vehicles with service delivery for service cap nord martinique.
Scope Of Services The City Is Seeking Proposals From Qualified Firms To Develop Indirect Cost Rates And Prepare, In Accordance With Omb Circular A-87, Cost Principles For State, Local, And Indian Tribal Governments, A Central Service Cap (Cost Allocation Plan), Which Identifies, Accumulates, And Allocates Billing Rates Based On The Allowable Costs Of Services Provided By The City On A Centralized Basis To Its Departments And Divisions.
We are delighted that this agreement will allow us to service Cap Gemini, which is renown for its high quality standards," said Goran Wadsten, country manager for Computer Associates Sweden.
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