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a cap with a flat circular top and a visor

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Our second research question examines the impact of the BNHI service cap policy on SCC and SCF volumes.
The jury, in returning a verdict of death from sunstroke, added a rider condemning the use of the field service cap as being no protection from the sun.
NTCA will vigorously advocate a redesigned and expanded campaign to bring its universal service cap repeal legislation to center stage of the broadband deployment debate, with a tie-in to the ongoing national security debate.
As a collector of service cap badges my aim is to produce a definitive list of each service, it's history, badges used and the dates within which they were worn.
7160 provides that amortization of loans to finance development projects will be subjected to 20-percent debt service cap.
He was wearing gumboots with white woollen stockings rolled over the tops, a polo-necked jersey, his battledress unbuttoned and a peaked service cap.
The men's service cap left by 1978, along with the 1962 women's service hat and the 1972 black beret.
Motor industry intelligence service CAP says most new cars shed 60 per cent of their value in three years and advises used-car buyers to concentrate on condition, build quality, reliability and image when judging vehicles.
We were successful in getting legislation introduced in both houses to do away with the universal service cap, but time ran out before we could drum up sufficient support.
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