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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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Both businesses own service bureaus that help customers design and manufacture prototypes and end-use parts using a variety of 3D printing technologies.
This acquisition will now enable INTL FCStone to act as a SWIFT Service Bureau for its 350-plus correspondent banking network, thus providing another important service for delivering local currency, cross-border payments to the developing world.
We've developed as a company from manufacturing rep to manufacturing rep and service bureau to manufacturing rep and service bureau and manufacturer.
There are three ways that companies can connect to SWIFT: by installing their own interface--an expensive and infrequently used option; by employing a service bureau; or by using SWIFT's cloud solution, Alliance Lite2.
The meeting will also discuss a proposal by the Sultanate on the activation of transfer and secondment principle among GCC countries, and the proposed Institute of Public Administration in the State of Qatar, the general framework for the preparation of a manual for administrative concepts and management terminology, names of units of the organizational structures in the GCC countries, a study of the job seekers' problems in the public and private sectors, holding of a workshop on expatriates in GCC countries and their situations, and the proposal by Civil Service Bureau in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the unification of the purchase of the GCC HR systems operations licenses.
M2 PHARMA-July 23, 2015-Kangshuo to Open 3D Printing Service Bureau Network in China Using Solidscape Equipment
5 (Petra) -- Prime Minister, Abdullah Enosur, attended on Tuesday the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between the Civil Service Bureau and the Saudi Ministry of Civil Service.
However, Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council Affairs Abdulaziz Al Fadhel said the decision should be left to the Civil Service Bureau.
Building a SWIFT infrastructure in-house was out of the question, and even using a service bureau was too expensive for CN's modest but real needs.
More than $1.6 million has been invested since November to upgrade the Wescom Resources Group service bureau for credit unions running the Symitar Episys core platform, the company said.
Included with the New Service Bureau Option or as an optional add-in for unlimited page volume licensees.
are being transferred to another company owned by Warren Stephens to start up a new service bureau offering real-time transaction processing to the brokerage industry, according to an announcement issued Tuesday morning.
(GPS) is live with its SWIFT Service Bureau, a fully-managed hosting solution to enhance payment and treasury operations and reduce costs and payment security risk.
Manama Bahrain's Civil Service Bureau has turned down a proposal to give one month's salary to public sector employees planning to go on pilgrimage.