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a book setting forth the forms of church service

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His service book lists his home address as 11-261 Heath Street in Winson Green, but the envelope in which the medals were posted is addressed to 114/115 Plumstead Road, Kingstanding.
Thieves snatched five medals along with his active service book and a foot-high statue of a soldier when they raided the Barry home of Falklands veteran John James, 58, this summer.
He is listed as the original owner in the service book. It is in excellent condition and has only covered 70,000 miles.
I deeply resented the way in which the new service book was imposed on a reluctant laity, but I did not consider this a sufficient reason to leave the church.
As the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is making preparations for a new service book and hymnal, it seems appropriate to take stock of what was intended and what was actually achieved in the publication of Lutheran Book of Worship in 1978.
Common Worship comes into use across Church of England parishes as the new service book on December 3, the first Sunday of Advent, and replaces the 1980 Alternative Service Book.
In addition to contributing records, Harrassowitz is accepting requests for purchase of titles from its collection as an OCLC Selection service book vendor.
We use main dealer parts and update your vehicles idrive and service book. We also have access to the main dealers online Digital Service Book portal where we update your vehicle's service history with the dealer.
They have also snatched cheque book, service book and other personal documents from him, he added.
It uses main dealer parts and updates your vehicle's idrive and service book. It also have access to the main dealers' online DSB (Digital Service Book portal), where it updates your vehicle's service history with the dealer, as many new models require this.
He said the employee service book and personal file should be consulted for preparing the seniority list and the salary of such employee be stopped and removed from posting whose service book or personal file was not available.
Deputy District Education Officer (Women) Tehsil Rawalpindi, Samina Majid has directed lady teachers appointed in Girls, primary elementary, middle, high and higher secondary schools all over Tehsil Rawalpindi to file their particulars alongwith original service book by December, 15 in respect of their upgradation to grade-12 and 14.
QI BOUGHT a second-hand Saab convertible without a service book. I have ordered another, but the Swedish printer is taking ages.
As long as you use a reputable garage, make sure they stamp the service book, and keep receipts for work done, you'll be fine when the time comes to sell the car.
Entwhistle, 30, of Well Lane,Gayton,Wirral, wrote the names of the two peers in the car's service book before the sale, the court had heard.