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place on a highway providing garage services and eating and toilet facilities

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Lehto operates in the four service areas of Business Premises, Housing, and Social Care and Educational Premises.
However, the top management of NHA has failed to operationalise the said service area because the previous lease holder declined to hand over the possession back to NHA.
Manila Water's functions in the service areas would include the following: development of interim and long term sources, expansion of distribution network, reduction of non revenue water, and development of sanitation services.
In addition to the expanded geographic service area, Cenpatico will be providing integrated medical and behavioral services for people with a serious mental illness.
In developing the SCTEx Macangcung service area, PTT will have to establish a gasoline station; maintain clean, well-kept and separate rest rooms and wash rooms for men and women; open an emergency vehicle repair shop; operate a convenience and/or grocery store; provide sufficient and adequate parking space for all types of vehicles; maintain a well-stocked emergency first aid station; provide sufficient potable water and adequate lighting system; and maintain an adequate solid waste and used oil collection and disposal system.
The redecorated indoor facilities of Dongshan Service Area were opened to the public in June, 2013 and boast a wide range of GlacialLight LED lighting, including: LED Bay Lights, Flood Lights, Down Lights and Indoor Lamps (AR111 and MR16).
The research reveals that from one motorway service area to the next, the price of fuel can vary by up to 10p per litre.
The telecom department in its affidavit in response to a court notice said the auction 'provided for auction of 3G spectrum service area-wise' and that in each service area, a specific number of blocks of spectrum were put on auction.
For the western Japan service area of Kansai Electric, where electricity supply is expected to be especially tight, the government plans to retain its 10 percent power-saving target, compared with the summer of 2010.
Al Majed said a 41,817sqm service area for importing and exporting cars was also being developed.
Bahrain's General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) has announced the commencement of an auction process for the state-of-the-art service area comprising a bonded multi-storey car park, warehousing facilities, office space and a gas station to be built within the premises of the kingdom's world-class Khalifa Bin Salman Port (KBSP).
A NEW multi-storey car park with space for 4,000 vehicles and a 41,817sqm service area for importing and exporting cars are on the way at Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Port, it emerged yesterday.
Summary: With the successful launch of the new Khalifa bin Salman Port (KBSP) the General Organisation of Sea Ports (GOP) has unveiled plans to host a multi-storey car park and a service area, located within the vicinity of the Khalifa bin Salman Port, providing customs-free storage, warehousing and commercial facilities to interested companies.
CHARLTON - Outside the Charlton service area on the eastbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike, Canadian trucker Rodney B.
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