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naval service aboard a ship at sea

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She delivered the Letters Patent on behalf of the Queen, recognising the community's role in honouring members of the armed forces who died on service abroad.
THE role of the town of Wootton Bassett in commemorating the members of the armed forces who have died while on service abroad was recognised with the awarding of the "Royal" accolade.
Summary: The role of the town of Wootton Bassett in commemorating soldiers who have died while on service abroad is to be recognised.
Birmingham-born Laurie Mansfield, is the chairman of the British Forces Foundation, which organises the fund-raising events for troops and for popular entertainers to cheer up and entertain troops while on active service abroad.
The Petitioners attempted to serve the documents upon Benedikt, while the Executor of Clemens's estate moved to quash the service because it failed to comply with the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters of 1965 [20 U.S.T.
Acer has announced extention of its International Travelers Warranty (ITW), under which customers get free repair service abroad, from three months to 12 months.
The deceased was about to retire after long years of service abroad for his family and was callously murdered by these thugs who terrorised people and disturbed the security of Bahrain.
Alphabetical entries describe each general's background and education, military schooling and service, service abroad, retirement and death dates, and awards and medals awarded.
According to the company, the 'Powered by AwayPhone' initiative provides users with better service abroad and gives mobile service providers more ways to differentiate their product than are possible with conventional roaming.
You will have to think I am on service abroad, but the only thing is I cannot write so often, only one letter and two postcards a month.
That's why I disagree with everyone in the Bush administration who is so eager to celebrate the demise of this "Vietnam syndrome." Like me, almost every one of them (Colin Powell being a notable exception) managed to avoid military service abroad during Vietnam.
He told BBC Radio 4's A Week In Westminster: "It isn't true that every health service abroad is better than ours, but it is true that we don't get good value for money out of it."
The former Eagle Scout and Special Olympics volunteer had always had visions of doing service abroad. Before graduating from high school he had already been to Papua New Guinea to help build a zoo and to Kenya to work on a game reserve.
The rollout of digital TV and other new technological platforms is prompting MTV to further customize its service abroad.
plans to launch a new electronic payment service abroad that uses integrated circuit (IC) cards, company officials said Thursday.