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slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coat

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Steadicams were used for a few sequences, such as capturing a serval hunting in South Africa, but in most cases they were too cumbersome, inflexible or expensive for close-up nature photography.
By late spring, the "major combat operations" phase of Serval was complete.
EAST AYRSHIRE - 13 wild boar EAST LOTHIAN - 200 wild boar FIFE - Two rattlesnakes, two cobras, one taipan, one death adder HIGHLAND - Three wild boar MORAY - Four serval cats and eight Savannah cats NORTH LANARKSHIRE - Two caimans, two American alligators, two Nile crocodiles, two dwarf crocodiles, two rattlesnakes, two cobras, seven vipers, five gila monsters PERTH AND KINROSS - Seven Preszwalski horses, 36 mouflon sheep, six bison, 35 wild boar, two elk, two Savannah cats, one serval cat SCOTTISH BORDERS - 14 black and white ruffed lemurs, six ring-tailed lemurs
In January 2013, on short notice, the French military launched Operation Serval in Mali to stop terrorist aggression, secure the country, and restore its territorial integrity.
Lt Col Stephane Spet's piece "Operation Serval: Analyzing the French Strategy against Jihadists in Mali" informs us that Serval fulfilled limited objectives set by the French president to liberate northern Mali.
The animal is a serval which has been used in a rock concert and then set free by Feather, the adopted daughter of Midir, the leader singer of the band, The Gentry.
The militants were largely ousted by the French-led Operation Serval launched in January 2013, although they have since launched sporadic attacks from desert hideouts on security forces.
In early 2013, a French-led military operation, called Serval, intervened and forced the Islamists to retreat.
Du front malien, expurge de la menace des groupes terroristes terrasses par l'operation Serval a l'oeuvre depuis janvier 2013, a la bataille decisive du Sahel deployant, a partir du 1er aout, l'etendard de son heritiere Barkhane, la France mobilise environ 3.
Noteworthy among them are the black rhinoceros, buffalo, hippopotamus, wildebeest, Burchell's zebra, eland, Grant's and Thomson's gazelles, waterbuck, cheetah, African wild dog, serval, and leopard.
Percy Cooper, who lives in the road from where the exotic serval cat vanished, said: "The couple who own it are on holiday and are due back on Saturday.
The so-called Serval offensive kicked off in January last year when French troops came to the help of Malian soldiers to stop Al-Qaeda-linked militants and Tuareg rebels from descending south of the sprawling country and advancing on the capital Bamako.
Rather, with what hindsight shows us to have been rather prescient judgment by New Africans editors, French land and air forces were launched into Mali days later for the start of Operation Serval, another geopolitically controversial military intervention of recent times.
It is a team owned by a private corporation called Serval Industries.