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slender long-legged African wildcat having large untufted ears and tawny black-spotted coat

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Serval cats have pointed ears and are similar in appearance to a small leopard.
Le Drian is currently talking of the possibility of militants regrouping in northern Mali, suggesting Operation Serval has not been quite the military success that was originally anticipated.
The company's pet project, Kolibree smart electronic toothbrush, touted as the world's first internet connected oral hygiene device is a brain child of Cessot and Thomas Serval, an ex Microsoft and Google employee.
BAMAKO (CyHAN)- Over five tons of explosives have been discovered and destroyed by the Chadian forces operating in northern Mali under the auspices of UN Mission for Stabilization of Mali (MINUSMA) and the French Serval force, according to a statement sent to Xinhua.
And his zookeeping includes looking after a huge variety of carnivores - 34 sand cats, 15 lions, 10 meerkats, six pumas, four serval cats, three tigers, a number of hyenas, leopard cats and a duo of African cheetahs at Al Ain Zoo.
France has deployed 3,500 ground troops, fighter jets and armoured vehicles in the three-week-old Operation Serval (Wildcat) which has broken the Islamists' ten-month grip on the towns of northern Mali, where they violently imposed sharia law.
France's Operation Serval (named after an African wild cat) in Mali is reminiscent of similar operations undertaken by Paris and London, the two of them being led by Washington in a number of these.
France, which began the military operation codenamed Serval after Konna fell to Al-Qaeda-linked fighters on January 11, will be represented by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.
David Attenborough (inset) presents astonishing wildlife scenes, including footage of this serval kitten (above) hunting
Fauna Communications has recorded many cats' purrs, at a non-profit facility and the Cincinnati Zoo, including the cheetah, puma, serval, ocelot and the domestic house cat," she wrote.
According to court records, some of the endangered species were the Yellow-crowned Amazon, the Green-winged Macaw, the black-and-white ruffed lemur, the Sarus Crane, Red-breasted Parakeet, the Toco Toucan, the Safforn Toucanet, the Serval Cat, and the red-footed tortoise.
AVOID those cash-greedy cat-breeders crossing moggies with fervals - an African wildcat that resembles a cheetah and called a Serval - then selling them for mega-bucks.
The serval, leopard, goitered gazelle, dama gazelle and African wild ass are also in serious danger of going extinct.