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5(-5) cm; leaf blade oblanceolate, glabrous or pubescent only along midvein, margin serrate to serrulate along entire length, ciliate; middle cauline leaves 1-2.
Second Maxilliped (Figure 2e): Endopod 5-segmented, distal segment ending in 1 strong distal and 2 sub-distal spines, sub-distal segment rounded distally with long serrulate setae; exopod absent.
Type 3 setae are serrulate and found in a dorsal row containing about 30 setae (Fig.
Blades are present principally in young parts of thallus, thin, linear-lanceolate, clearly serrulate (toothed), subpercurrent, with a rib, usually dichotomously divided 1-4 times, 3-3.
5 cm, fleshy, the base slightly asymmetric, rounded, the apex acute, the margins slightly serrulate, with ten to thirteen teeth on each side, teeth of one-size class, the adaxial surface bright green, lustrous, glabrous, the abaxial surface pale green, glabrous, the venation semi-craspedodromous, with seven to nine pairs of secondary veins, irregularly spaced, de-current to mid-vein, higher order veins slightly inconspicuous, submarginal vein absent.
Aedeagus flattened, in lateral view concave ventrally, broadening from base to large, curved dorsal process located at about 2/3 length; abruptly narrowed in apical V4 to ventrally curved, acuminate apex; distal third with ventral margin weakly serrulate.
sectio Halochloa Main axis upright (Kutzing) and short; primary Yoshida axes bicuspid to tricuspid; secondary axis always shorter than primary axis; basal leaves retroflex; receptacles flattened or triqueterous with smooth or serrulate margins.
When present, apical pinna is lanceate, with attenuate apex, enlarged base, often incised, divided or lacerated; lateral pinnae 25-30 (35) pairs, 4-8 cm long x 1-2 cm wide, lanceolate to triangular-lanceolate, almost horizontal, contiguous to imbricate, briefly petiolulate, with an acute apex, a symmetric or asymmetric base, often auriculate and overlapping the rachis, crenate and subtly serrulate, papillate margins.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: SIMPLE, 1 1/2" to 2" long and 1" wide, ovate shape with serrulate margins, OPPOSITE arrangement.
The long serrulate setae of the Mx2 endopod lie in the space between the incisor process and the Mx1 basis and are in contact with the incisor process.
2) cm wide, linear to linear-lanceolate, green adaxially and glabrous abaxially, with a patch of white cilia at the base extending along one side of the midrib for 2-3 mm, the base attenuate, the apex attenuate-subulate, the margins weakly serrulate.
The synapomorphies shared by these three species are entire or sparsely serrulate perigynium beaks (#9, also possessed by C.
Plants of the genus are terrestrial or lithophytic, rosetofilous; the leaves armed with spines or less often, finely serrulate, as short as 20 cm but usually longer and up to 1.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: COMPOUND, leaflets 1 1/4" to 3" long and 1/2" to 1 1/4" wide, leaflets broad lanceolate shape with serrulate margins.