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(especially of rows as of troops or mountains) pressed together

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Twala rose from his seat in wrath and astonishment, and from the chiefs and serried ranks of maidens who had closed in slowly upon us in anticipation of the tragedy came a murmur of amazement.
After that, and always, he looked upon the face of nature with a more seeing eye, learning a delight of his own in surveying the serried ranks of the upstanding ranges, and in slow contemplation of the purple summer mists that haunted the languid creases of the distant hills.
The Spanish prisoner looked with exultant eyes upon the deep and serried ranks of his countrymen.
If now 'tis sunshine betwixt Thebes and thee And not a cloud, Time in his endless course Gives birth to endless days and nights, wherein The merest nothing shall suffice to cut With serried spears your bonds of amity.
He saw a great many pretty cheeks beneath high-plumed hats as he squeezed his way through serried waves of crumpled muslin; and sitting on little chairs at the base of the great serious English trees, he observed a number of quiet-eyed maidens who seemed only to remind him afresh that the magic of beauty had gone out of the world with Madame de Cintre: to say nothing of other damsels, whose eyes were not quiet, and who struck him still more as a satire on possible consolation.
Dr Hood paced the length of his string of apartments, bounded-- as the boys' geographies say--on the east by the North Sea and on the west by the serried ranks of his sociological and criminologist library.
Creeping up the stairs before us, each on the tip of his silken toes, was a serried file of pink barbarians, redder in the face than anywhere else, and armed with crops carried by the wrong end.
For there the chosen best awaited the charge of the Trojans and noble Hector, making a fence of spears and serried shields.
The Registrar laughed, the barristers laughed, the reporters laughed, the serried ranks of the miserable depositors watching anxiously every word, laughed like one man.
It showed substantially the same serried interior; the hall had grown darker, though it was still struck here and there with the last crimson shafts of sunset, and one or two of the headless machines had been moved from their places for this or that purpose, and stood here and there about the twilit place.
It's beautiful trained against a south-facing wall where you can admire its serried ranks of scarlet flowers, and it will appreciate the shelter and warmth.
At dawn in the clearing tired men muster - An amalgam of horses, guns and cluster, Chill mist firm-clings to dipping dell Whilst chimes in the distance, a mournful knell Few words are spoken none are needed Yet order develops, commands swift-heeded, Whereupon this slumbering shadow of war Stands at the ready, asleep no more And in the silence awaiting whistle Each ponders his grave, red poppy, a thistle, Or gazes at yonder enemy trench Fearful therein, dwells destiny's stench But soon comes the moment, now at hand And it's over the top into no-man's land To stumble and tumble in serried rows Whence the tap of machine gun steadily grows And those who survive know tomorrow at 10 They'll be ordered to do it over again And do it they will for duty dictates?