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Serratus posterior muscles: anatomy, clinical relevance, and function.
* The spinal extensors: deep muscles--erector spinae: spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis, which inserts between the spinous and the transverse processes, its main role being to hold up the spine and ensure its stability; intermediate muscles: serratus posterior superior, serratus posterior inferior; superficial muscles: rhomboideus minor; these muscles are responsible for the movement.
(6,7) Key trigger points include: (8) Key trigger point Associated satellite trigger point sternocleidomastoid temporalis, masseter upper trapezius temporalis, masseter scalene deltoid, extensor carpi radialis, extensor digitorum communis splenius capitis temporalis supraspinatus deltoid, extensor carpi radialis infraspinatus biceps brachii pectoralis minor flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris latissimus dorsi triceps brachii, flexor carpi ulnaris serratus posterior superior triceps brachii, extensor digitorum communis, extensor carpi ulnaris quadratus lumborum gluteus maximus, piriformis piriformis hamstrings hamstrings gastrocnemius, soleus
Further superiorly the remaining muscles to be considered are rhomboid minor and major, serratus posterior superior and splenius cervicis (Clemente 1987, Moore & Dalley 2006, Rosse & Gaddum-Rosse 1997, Standring 2005).