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Using the suction irrigator, a potential space is developed under the serosa of the ureter by injecting normal saline or lactated Ringer's solution.
Beneath the ventricular serosa and associated abdominal air sacs, islands of polygonal to round cells with similar cytologic and histochemical features as described in the testicular masses were identified (Fig 2C, D, E).
The pathologic lesions following pneumatic insufflation depend on the resultant intraluminal pressure and include serosal hemorrhage, lacerations of the serosa and muscular coat with bulging of the mucous membrane, or complete rupture of the bowel through the serosa, muscular coat, and mucous membrane as in our case (2, 11).
The wall of the oviduct consists of folded mucosa, a thick muscularis with circular and longitudinal layers and a thin serosa. The mucosa is composed of simple columnar epithelium on a lamina propria of loose connective tissue.
The first theory states that perforation occurs when the device is placed and IUD is released beyond the uterine serosa. The second theory states that although IUD is placed correctly, transmural migration of IUD causes perforation.
The second one known as subserosal fibroid form on the outside of the uterus, also called the serosa.
The cranial side of the abscess expanded into the abdominal cavity and serosa of the ileum.
In gastric cancer, the sensitivity of CEA is of approximately 30% [8], and increased preoperative CEA level signifies tumor invasion into the serosa of the stomach [9].
This focal area of the uterine wall was very thin, revealing placenta extending through the level of the serosa. Internal iliac ligation and hysterectomy were performed with the fetus in situ, due to the active bleeding.
Caption: Figure 3: (a) and (b) Macroscopically, 7 x 5.5 x 4 cm ectopic liver adenoma in the gallbladder fundus serosa with no connection to the mother liver.
Tunica serosa consisted of connective tissue, nerves, blood vessels and mesothelium (Rocha and Lima, 1998).
The wall of the small intestine, from in to out, consists of layers: the mucosa, muscularis, and serosa. The muscularis layer is composed of an inner circular muscle and outer longitudinal muscle.
The outermost layer is the adventitia above the diaphragm and the serosa below the diaphragm (10, 11).