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the branch of medical science that deals with serums

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The virology /microbiology department at great ormond street is looking for a fully automated random serology analyser for the detection of antigen and antibody.
Viral serology was done by complement fixation method at Virology Department.
Among the Coxsackie serology positive patients 9/15 had ejection fraction > 45 (60.
Ethnicity had no significant effect on the prevalence of positive coeliac serology (p=0.
Historically, as in other areas of laboratory medicine, clinician requests for serology tests have been handwritten onto pre-printed request forms.
95%), while the leishmania serology was positive in 36/47 cases (76.
Non invasive tests particularly serology are usually preferred for diagnostic purpose as they are cost effective and convenient.
For blood and tissue donation, the combination of HIV NAT and serology is used to screen all donors.
Birds were inoculated with either a killed virus vaccine or a plasmid-mediated DNA WNV vaccine, and postinoculation serology was evaluated.
ET, the AABB presents an audioconference on "Changes in the New AABB Technical Manual: as they relate to WBC and platelet serology, blood donation, transfusion and transplantation practice red-cell serology, and transfusion-transmitted disease.
The gold standard for diagnosis is positive serology and a consistent biopsy But once a gluten-free diet is started, it takes large dietary indiscretions to turn the serology positive again," he said.
NEW YORK -- Serology tests for suspected celiac disease are often inappropriately ordered or managed, increasing the chance of missed diagnosis, according to a study presented at an international symposium on celiac disease.
In serology assays, patient sample results can be divided by the manufacturer's defined cutoff to give a sample-to-cutoff ratio.
It's easy to misinterpret the results of serology tests for Epstein-Barr virus, so these results should not substitute for clinical judgment in suspected cases of Epstein-Barr mononucleosis in children, Sarah S.
Lo and a group of physicians from Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles compared the efficacy of capsule endoscopy versus serology in the evaluation of Crohn's disease.