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the branch of medical science that deals with serums

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But for the most part, "blood" was a stand-in for "heredity," and serologists found little state and institutional support in Nazi Germany.
Ludwik Hirszfeld (1884-1954), one of the most prominent serologists of the twentieth century, discovered the inheritance and established the nomenclature of blood groups and opened the field of human population genetics.
Though he went on to caution that "[a]fter 25 years of progress, we serologists have mapped most of the known blood group genes for racial groups throughout the world, and while clear-cut gene markers are known in respect to some human races, it seems clearly evident that blood group genetical studies do not tell us the racial components of the Pacific peoples or their paths of migration" (1962:209).
I went to specialist after specialist --osteopaths, endocrinologists, serologists, neurologists (even to kinesiologists, acupuncturists, and people who claimed to be able to leach toxins from my body by immersing me in muddy baths)--but never received either relief or a credible diagnosis.
Serologists test for the 16 most common blood antigens and serum proteins.