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of or relating to serology


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This guideline suggests that serological testing alone cannot currently replace the duodenal biopsy for diagnosis of CD11.
For the first time, Vitaliano (2014) conducted a serological survey, and described anti-T.
Chronic Q fever has nonspecific manifestations, and diagnosis often occurs after serological testing and nonspecific cardiac findings.
Patients with CLE or DLE may develop EM-like lesions and characteristic serological abnormalities like speckled ANA pattern, anti- SjT and positive serum RF.
1,2) It is a fact that there is a relation between this special serological profile and mutations in S gene region, particularly in the 'a' determinant.
We found serum could be used as more dependable and safer clinical specimen for both serological and molecular investigations.
In Table 1, it indicates that the demographic age group has a significant correlation with anti-hepatitis C serological status at P = 0.
10) Considering this fact the present study was conducted to determine the association between dengue specific serological markers and platelet counts.
The blood center evaluates the discrepancy using serological and molecular immunohematology techniques.
This practice decreased the potential exposure to D-positive red blood cells by all persons with a serological weak D phenotype and qualified women with a serological weak D phenotype for Rh immunoprophylaxis.
com)-- Serological pipettes are one of the most commonly used products in the laboratory.
D degree in Parasitology as he completed his thesis titled 'Epidemiological, Serological, Haematological and Therapeutic Studies on Ovine Mematodiasis in Three Ecological Zones of Baluchistan' under the supervision of Prof Dr Kamran Ashraf.
Blood specimen was sent for serological investigation to determine the cause of uveitis.
With simple serological blood tests, it is possible to determine hetero- or homozygosity of Rh blood group, regarding antigens C, c, E and e.