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When world leaders who have their fingers on various atomic buttons gather for toplevel talks, smart suits and ties convey a serious-mindedness that I hope will be reflected in their discussions.
Interestingly, although the exhibitions displayed widely differing iconographies, represented the work of the artists with widely contrasting religious outlooks, and made very disparate credal statements, each of the three blockbuster audiences seemed to perambulate the galleries with a serious-mindedness that sometimes appeared to border on the devotional.
Often inspired in smaller doses, Perez muffles her characteristic comic dynamism to convey Grace's career-driven serious-mindedness, but she comes off as more angrily self-absorbed than truly devoted, particularly in regards to both baby and hubby.
At Comenius University there is a striking contrast to be found between the intense serious-mindedness of the students, and the gaps in their knowledge of major philosophical texts.
The old serious-mindedness, of course, has not completely vanished.