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Synonyms for serious

Synonyms for serious

full of or marked by dignity and seriousness

marked by sober sincerity

having great consequence or weight

causing or marked by danger or pain, for example

not easy to do, achieve, or master

Synonyms for serious

concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities


of great consequence

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causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm

appealing to the mind


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completely lacking in playfulness

requiring effort or concentration

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References in classic literature ?
My illness has made me think-- It has given me leisure and calmness for serious recollection.
This is a far more serious matter than any of you suppose.
When you penetrate deeply into a country, it is serious ground.
It may have been his extreme good-nature, the serious, unsmiling good-nature of a fat, swarthy man with coal-black moustache and steady eyes; but he might have been a bit of a diplomatist, too.
She would not have him be serious, and yet what could excuse the use of such words and offers, if they meant but to trifle?
You have some serious cause of complaint against Madame.
I cannot easily resolve on anything so serious as marriage; especially as I am not at present in want of money, and might perhaps, till the old gentleman's death, be very little benefited by the match.
Is the killing of a mongoose--no matter by whom--so serious a thing as all that?
Of course it doesn't much matter to you, but to me it's so serious, so intensely serious.
Before the countess could answer, Prince Andrew entered the room with an agitated and serious face.
I only wish that she were English instead of American, and that Maiyo would take a serious fancy to her.
I have never been more serious in my life," he insisted.
Ellmother's sudden departure from the cottage--was not only of serious importance in itself, but pointed to a startling conclusion.
Under the circumstances, if I had been left to decide for myself, I should certainly have waited until I had saved a little money before I ventured on the serious expense of taking a house and studio at the west end of London.
Now, for the first time, impressed by her irresistible earnestness, he began to consider what he was about from a more serious point of view.