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mixing the serious with the comic with comic predominating


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She covers some unanswered questions about the book of Kings, whether seriocomic readings and the mise-en-abyme are useful heuristics for biblical criticism, an investigation into the seriocomic elements at the heart of Kings, anti-prophetic rhetoric, the command-prophecy formula, and satire against kings and nations.
as a 'philosophical comedy about religious knowledge' as itself an assessment of genre, in which we read the seriocomic spoudogeloion for 'philosophical comedy'.
And after lending gravitas to the Beyonce vehicle Cadillac Records, the 35-year-old stars as the more serious sibling opposite Mark Ruffalo in the seriocomic con artist caper The Brothers Bloom.
Let It Ride" meets "Leaving Las Vegas" in this seriocomic tale about gambling-addictive, alcoholic TV writer (Matthew Broderick) looking for his trick-turning niece (Brittany Snow) in Sin City.
The writer/director drew on his own experiences as a mid-'90s Manhattan teenager to craft the seriocomic tale of Luke (Josh Peck), a recent high school grad, who cruises around NYC during the summer of '94 toting a Walkman filled with hip-hop mixtapes and an ice cart packed with Mary Jane.
Jonathan Franzen, the National Book Award--winning author of The Corrections (and, infamously, the only writer to refuse initiation into Oprah Winfrey's book club), leaves few readers ambivalent about his work, be it through his seriocomic attitude toward life's uncomfortable moments or the difficult issues that he tackles with exuberant irreverence.
Sharing This Film's anti-puritanical outlook and seriocomic tone, Steve Anderson's Fuck is an alternately irreverent and earnest exploration of everything you ever wanted to know about the four-letter word but were afraid to ask, from its cloudy origins and linguistic versatility to its infiltration of almost every sphere of our culture.
Juan Pons came to singing the seriocomic role of Fra Melitone not by way of the buffo baritone (the usual route) but by way of singing di Lunas and Rigolettos, which gave the character and its vocalism a heft and breadth not usually heard (the hamminess, however, derived from both strains of baritones).
The result is Opus, a seriocomic exploration of the dynamics of a string quartet thrown into crisis when one of its members disappears on the eve of a White House performance.
The seriocomic story of personal conflict in a large Baptist congregation was the single most profitable production in the Arkansas Repertory Theatre's 28season history, Producing Artistic Director Robert Hupp tells us.
The film is seventy-six seriocomic minutes of this poet/actor's buttocks absorbing light, attention, debris.
For the most part, his is a low-key seriocomic approach, cushioned by first-person intimacy and comforting aphorisms.
Among the films to be shown Sunday evening is the seriocomic "No Prom for Cindy," in which a 45-year-old, bearded, male actor (Charlie Adler) plays a 14-year-old girl whose world is turned upside down and inside out by a simple slip of the tongue.
STEPHEN McCauley has built a solid fan base over the years with his seriocomic tales of gay life in the big city.
We knew George for his quick check-writing, his help with our taxes, his ironic sense of humor, his love of the New York Giants, his seriocomic administration of The Nation's annual football pool and his inimitable taste in novelty ties, of which he possessed an impressive collection.