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a print made using a stencil process in which an image or design is superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and printing ink is squeegeed onto the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil

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Most of these serigraphs are priced at approximately Rs 30,000 -- Rs 40,000, which is affordable compared to the multiple lakhs that Burman's canvases command in the market," he added.
He started to reproduce his paintings as serigraphs in 1974.
Of the serigraphs, I find The Staircase, 1998, and Cloud, 2005, most striking.
AS THE CREATOR of fine art silkscreen serigraphs, Charles Fazzino is best known for his obsession for bright colors, exceptional detail, brilliant storytelling, the frenetic energy infusing his work, and a unique hand-assembled 3-D layering technique that brings his images to life.
I tried in vain to explain that it was created in the spirit of Andy Warhol's serigraphs of Brillo[R] boxes and Campbell's[R] soup cans.
Swamp's business plan is speculative: Kuhn provides his customers with a stack of posters free of charge and makes his money on the back end, by stockpiling another stack to sign and sell as limited edition serigraphs.
Fortunately, all his works are available in giclae prints and some as serigraphs.
Scott, who owns an art publishing company in Northridge called Scott Arts Graphics, has exhibited her oil paintings and serigraphs in Japan, Africa and Europe.
The design objective for the serigraphs is for their shapes to show movement.
One of Corita Kent's serigraphs says: "To Believe in God is to know that, in the end, there will be Wonderful Surprises.
Mas will be available to meet collectors, discuss his artwork and dedicate purchased serigraphs and paintings at the following Martin Lawrence locations:
Fabulous collection of 5000 original one of a kind Fine Art from 40 American and European Artists known Nationally and Inter-nationality, 500 one of a kind Water Colors, 500 Original Graphics composing of Original Lithographs, Serigraphs, and Intaglios,500 engravings, 5000 Production oil Paintings, 800 Frames in various sizes all showcased in a new Studio in the most affluent city in Southwest Florida.
Type(s) of Art to be Exhibited: original acrylics, oils and watercolors, lithographs, serigraphs, sculptures and reproductions
As he firmly believes art should not be made for a small elite, many of his paintings are also rendered into serigraphs; both originals and a wide array of serigraphs are available through Atlas Galleries in Chicago.