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covered with fine soft hairs or down

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Lamina of larger leaves 16-26 cm long, 11-16 cm wide, broadly elliptical, broadly cuneate at base, rounded and apiculate or shallowly retuse at apex, adaxially glabrate at maturity except persistently loosely sericeous on midrib, abaxially densely and persistently appressed-tomentose with the hairs sessile or short-stalked and the crosspiece ca.
Slender woody vine, the stem initially thinly sericeous with very short brown strongly appressed hairs, soon (already in first year) glabrescent and developing many large punctiform lenticels.
Small shrub; stems densely and persistently sericeous with initially copper-colored hairs 0.
Slender woody vine; stems tightly sericeous to glabrate.
corymbosa is distinguished by the combination of nearly glabrate leaves with both the lamina and the petiole eglandular, very congested clusters of flowers, long slender peduncles and pedicels that are sericeous to glabrescent, eglandular bracteoles, the orbicular samara that is only broadly and shallowly emarginate at the apex, and the pilose disc below the fruit.
5) cm long and 5 cm wide, with cincinnus (-2)3-4(-5) flower, rachis sparsely pilose, tomentose sericeous peduncle and pedicel (0.
DIAGNOSIS: Males and females recognized by the weakly stylate eyes, the absence of a flattened pronotal collar, the sericeous, golden, recumbent vestiture on the dorsum, the smooth, dull brownblack dorsum, and the many erect black spines on the medial and occasionally lateral surface of antennal segment 1 (Figs.
5A, B); genal region dorsad of bucculae with many long, erect, fine setae; head and pronotum with moderately long, sericeous, reclining, golden setae (Figs.
7A); scutellum conspicuously transversely rugose, dull; hemelytra variably rugulose and dull; antennal segment 1 with few slender, erect spines on medial surface (<15); head and pronotum with very long, sericeous, erect, silvery setae (Fig.
SURFACE AND VESTITURE: All coxae mostly pruinose; head, pronotum, and scutellum rugulose, polished and shining; hemelytra faintly rugulose, dull; remainder of body, finely granulose, dull; frons, vertex, head ventrad of eyes and dorsad of bucculae, head, pronotum, scutellum, and basal region of hemelytra with long, sericeous, erect or semierect setae; hemelytra with numerous, venter of thorax and abdomen with less numerous, appressed, pale setae; antennae with dense decumbent vestiture, segment 1 with several fine black spines on medial surface; femora with few, long, erect setae, particularly on ventral surface; tibiae with semierect, black spines.