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20th century music that uses a definite order of notes as a thematic basis for a musical composition

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Meanwhile, we went with printed patterns for the Romantic and serialism themes because they were too detailed for embroidery.
Through formidable works such as Structures I for two pianos, which Boulez completed in 1952, serialism became endowed with a sense of historical manifest destiny that encouraged the composer to famously declare that same year that "any musician who has not experienced .
This resulting extension of serialism is often termed either total serialism or integral serialism, and is characterized by the serialization of the pitch content, the rhythm, dynamics, register, articulation, and row forms within a piece.
Macarthur's positioning of serialism as a "hegemonic aesthetic" in the realm of "new" music does reflect the evidence she presents in her book, but this is also a generalization that in and of itself creates a hegemonic ideology (20).
Most interesting is the author's argument that Young was a (if not the) bridge composer between serialism and minimalism, noting that Young's early interest in serialism's capacity to strip sounds down to their true sonic beauty was the same impetus for later attempts to "get inside a sound" through long tones and overtone exploration.
During his university years, Young was impressed by the music of Bela Bartok, Igor Stravinsky, Perotin, Leonin, Claude Debussy, Indian classical music, and the serialism of Arnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern.
Schoenberg, serialism, and cognition: whose fault if no one listens.
To cite but one example: In an anecdote about the Twelfth String Quartet and Dmitri Tsyganov, the violinist to whom the quartet was dedicated, Wilson writes, "When Tsyganov anxiously brought up the subject of serialism, Shostakovich retorted, 'But one finds examples of it in Mozart's music.
Boulez is regarded as an innovative composer, contributing to the development of contemporary music through his advancements in serialism and his utilization of electroacoustic techniques.
The sixties, in which every composer came to terms in his or her way with the dodecaphony and serialism, were followed by a seventies dominated alas by political and cultural repression.
Chapters are devoted to recent techniques including free diatonicism, serialism, and indeterminacy.
The very name used to send people rushing away, fearful that atonality or serialism would offend delicate musical souls.
Admittedly, the music theory aspects of the book were lost on me; Hubbs' explication of tonality or twelve-tone serialism, for instance, will not be of use to the casual reader but to someone with a greater understanding of these theories.
In Schoenberg's serialism, since there is no centre around which a key, and thus an identity as a whole, can be perceived, every sound, in a sense, is a surprise, and may bear no relationship, other than simple juxtaposition, to any other.
If I, IV, V, tonal center, and instrumental mimesis must serve as referents and elucidators in our look at traditional music--limited as that look is--then serialism and atonality will have to suffice as our selected and representative procedures from the broad palette of twentieth-century compositional resources.