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It lets four serial and four parallel users share one parallel and one serial printer or plotter at same time.
Comes standard with RS232 serial printer port for printing mold set-ups and errors.
Optional communication packages include SPC serial printer interface and SPI Protocol accessible through RS485 connection.
End-of-cycle report can be sent to a serial printer or to a remote PC for SPC data display and collection.
System comes standard with an RS232 serial printer port for printing mold setups and errors.
New mid-range serial printer delivers reliable low cost printing, along with leading edge device management capability
If desired, the FAS-8 will also pass a message through to a serial printer.
If desired, it will also pass a message through to a serial printer.
ePic Direct takes advantage of the port and information from the point-of-sale typically used for a serial printer in order to display and manage orders in a preset format on kitchen monitors.
Enabled by the intelligent Nighthawk control board, the FAS-8 is a highly intelligent alphanumeric paging-based firehouse alerting system that can receive a 911 dispatch and instantly control up to eight devices and simultaneously deliver an alphanumeric text messages to a serial printer.
Other cables include USB, SCSI, and parallel and serial printer cables.
Enhancements to the Falcon 4400 series also include a 48-key or 52-key full alpha keypad for numeric and text data entry and an optional hard-mounted serial printer adapter.
11b wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for cables, and includes a serial printer port for wired connectivity when the printer and computer are mounted in a vehicle.