serial port

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an interface (commonly used for modems and mice and some printers) that transmits data a bit at a time

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Free HW VSP software: Virtual serial port for Windows (NT service, x64 systems).
Even if you plan to use a different MCU, this chapter provides information about how to approach the setup and use of an MCU's serial port.
A debugging system typically operates on a PC and interfaces to the newly designed product through a serial port.
Power targets: Serial Port Memory Technology requires half the power as LPDDR2 for a given bandwidth
Box-2-Box mode: Two units can be connected peer-to-peer over the network and tunnel the I/O and the serial port.
The release of the SPMT abridged specification marks a significant milestone in preparing Serial Port Memory Technology for broad market adoption among manufacturers of handset, gaming, netbooks and other mobile devices," said Jim Venable, president of SPMT, LLC.
Some developers of Linux applications are new to serial port redirectors," added Walsh.
The module acts like a serial port modem, and in addition it offers up to 16 digital and analogue I/Os that can be mapped to any other module within the mesh network.
has introduced three new SeaLINK Ethernet serial servers, each capable of fast, reliable communications on up to 16 serial ports simultaneously.
This innovative new software integrates seamlessly with old communications software and diverts data out of a virtual serial port rather than through the traditional physical serial port providing a digital gateway to the Internet -- all without requiring any modification to the existing software code or hardware.
Two fast sync/async serial ports are implemented via the Marvell Discovery III integrated system controller while two async serial ports are implemented via the dual UART.