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20th century music that uses a definite order of notes as a thematic basis for a musical composition

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The metaphysical foundations of Goeyvaerts's serial music are transformed in his later music, but certainly not excised.
For an account of the influence of Goeyvaerts's teacher Messiaen on the former's development of serialism, see Mark Delaere, "Olivier Messiaen's Analysis Seminar and the Development of Post-War Serial Music," Music Analysis 21, no.
Nevertheless, it transpires that the 'Bolshevik' component really stands for the sense of danger from the spirit of innovation, the overturning of artistic canons and the introduction of radical aesthetic criteria - since the terms 'Futuristengefahr', 'Musikbolschewismus' and 'Kulturbolschewismus' became interchangeable and were applied to Expressionism, Dada, the serial music of Schoenberg's circle, the flat roofs of the Bauhaus, American jazz and film music.
You could listen to it like a conch shell, an impossibly busy, serial music that compounds and accelerates, on and on.
The model of rhetoric is less applicable to serial music and, indeed, the absence of repetition here makes the music hard to understand if, indeed, serial music can ever be understood as we understand the music of the great period of Western culture.
Maestro Boulez has consistently set new trends in music composition, conducting, writing, and organizational administration, winning fame as the world's "greatest composer of serial music.
The author seeks to find "an analytical and theoretical framework" for the serial music of this composer with emphasis on the middle- and late-period works, an aspect he claims to be missing in present secondary literature.
In his choice of participants, O'Doherty was concerned with reinstating the often maligned legacy of European modernism extending from Russian Constructivism and the Dada tradition of paradoxical thinking to the predetermined structure of serial music and the nonmetaphorical writing of the nouveau roman.
In the early years of his career, he contributed to both the theoretical and practical advancement of serialism, winning fame as the "greatest composer of serial music.
Although his contention that twelve-tone serial music represents a "flexible, loosely knit cultural practice" might seem to promise a historical survey, the hook is primarily analytical and theoretical (p.
His serial music never received the attention of his early ballets, but was far more visible than any other serial music composed during that period.
The protocol of the break is grouped around certain works by Schonberg, Alban Berg, and Anton von Webern, the uncertain progressive protocol of nomination, dodecaphonic, then later serial music, and the labor of fidelity to that event.
For example, he decided to write serial music because other composers did not seem to be following the rules:
Boros to the contrary (551-52), I do not reduce serial music to counting rows.
Consider the "Arts and Leisure" pages of the New York Times today, in which some critics still express their misgivings about serial music and readers sometimes rant against it, or the idea put forward in recent years (and refuted) that a sort of Mafia of twelve-tone composers controlled academic music departments in the 1960s and l970s, stifling the creativity of students who did not conform to their method.