serial monogamy

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a succession of short monogamous relationships (as by someone who undergoes multiple divorces)

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Add the overbearing Jewish mother, the quirky cat-loving ex, the best friend who also happens to be an ex, and the buddy that just wants to help Elise get over her serial monogamy habit, and you have a recipe for a seriously witty rom-com that will turn that frown upside-down.
In contrast, in situations of serial monogamy, even if men and women have a relatively high number of sexual partners during their lifetime, one relationship is over before another is started.
Some of her findings are provocative: it seems, for example, that we are hard-wired for serial monogamy and must work very to maintain pair-bonds; that highly orgasmic women enjoy an evolutionary advantage; and that flirtation among primates closely resembles the way young men and women in a bar show their sexual interest today.
Compromises can take the form of postponing romantic gratification, diminishing romantic intensity, reducing the exclusivity of the romantic relationship; but serial monogamy and loving more than one person at the same time are also considered.
Monogamy Central African Polygyny/monandry Republic Botswana Serial monogamy Paraguay Serial monogamy Mali Polygyny/serial monandry.
It simply masquerades by a different name: serial monogamy.
As for the most natural human mating pattern, that's good old serial monogamy.
Marriage was meant to be more than serial monogamy or indeed serial adultery.
Epstein illustrates how infection occurs in concurrency versus serial monogamy relationships.
Serial monogamy and sporadic sexual encounters might not contribute as much to new infections as do networks of longer term concurrent or overlapping partnerships.
Rotello suggests, that gay men need to practice the sort of serial monogamy practiced by lesbians--a self sustaining culture in which people feel socially supported within their identities as gay men to settle down with individual partners for significant periods of time.
There's also some clever writing, such as Johnson's angry young woman failing to distinguish between serial monogamy and serial killing.
The problem that we have currently in Africa is that a lot of people, because of their own lifestyle, because of the number of concurrent partners they've had from so-called serial monogamy, they count back and say, 'Wow, I've had five sexual partners in my life, I must be HIV positive' So they live their lives thinking they are positive.
In addition, even though the definition of marriage remained, "one man married to one woman," this definition too had undergone change from traditional monogamy (one man married to one woman until death) to include serial monogamy (one man married to one woman at a time) so that society could respond to the rapid rate of divorce and remarriage.
The rising divorce rate, coupled with the growing trend for serial monogamy can mean that family structures can be very complicated, with children from several relationships being involved in step families.