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Synonyms for serial

Synonyms for serial

following one after another in an orderly pattern

Synonyms for serial

in regular succession without gaps

pertaining to or composed in serial technique

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of or relating to the sequential performance of multiple operations

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By combining Serial Attached SCSI technology and the small 2.
The FBI's definition of serial killing makes no reference to underlying motivation, behavior, and psychological characteristics.
The Podtrac Media Planner has been designed to enable advertising agencies to easily, quickly and from one location learn about and share information about podcasts and serial video appropriate for their advertiser's brands," said Robert Freeland, CTO and Co-Founder of Podtrac.
Storage systems based on Serial Attached SCSI can support online mission-critical and midline and nearline business-critical applications.
Dave Reinsel, Hard Disk Drive Research Manager at IDC, said, "When Serial Attached SCSI enters the enterprise storage market in 2004, it should carry the robust reliability for which SCSI is well known.
Our work with Agilent extends our own tools and enables multi-gigabit serial I/O design to the mainstream system design community.
Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol (STP): The method by which a SAS host makes a connection to a Serial ATA drive, when using a SAS expander
1), making it a good fit for any networked environment with shared serial peripherals.
With the PICkit Serial Analyzer, Microchip continues to provide engineers with low-cost, easy-to-use development tools that will help them to design using PIC([R]) microcontrollers.
Like all of SST's products based on SuperFlash technology, the new serial flash devices feature small sector erase capability.
The 25XX320A SPI serial EEPROMs provide fast byte- and page-level erase and write operations, as well as rapid data-access times.
Serial ATA (SATA) is an emerging storage connection that promises to change the way the world connects its storage devices.
and Seagate Technology announced that each company is focusing development on products that support the new Serial ATA storage interface specification and have no plans to develop products based upon parallel technology beyond the Ultra ATA/100 interface.
The new approach is Serial ATA, a serial implementation of the parallel Ultra ATA interface.
370,000 series 2002A serial bonds due May 01, 2007 'BBB';